Update from Trading Standards on Fireworks around Frecheville Pond

The Birley Ward councillors raised concerns with Sheffield Trading Standards regarding the Anti-Social Behaviour with fireworks around Frecheville Park and Pond. We were concerned as to how and where the young people obtained the fireworks from. Trading Standards have responded outlining the following action being undertaken as follows: “Each year, Trading Standards work in partnership with South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to tackle the issues around firework safety and anti-social behaviour arising from the unlawful supply of fireworks from both retail and domestic premises. This multi-agency approach is required as each agency has its own responsibilities under the applicable legislation.

This year, due to Sheffield’s Tier 3 status and associated Covid-19 risks to our young volunteer, we have been unable to carry out our usual programme of test purchasing for fireworks. We have instead agreed with South Yorkshire Police, for one of our enforcement officers and a police officer to carry out advisory visits to retail premises to remind sellers of their responsibilities and legal obligations. All fireworks retailers will receive a letter to reinforce the message and informing retailers of the effects of fireworks misuse on local residents as well as the legal requirements.

Both officers are aware of the particular issues raised in your locality and will be visiting all premises selling fireworks in the vicinity over the next two days to give a strong message to retailers in the area.”

Anti-Social behaviour around Frecheville Pond

Over the past few days The Birley Ward Councillors have been contacted by residents regarding the issues of Anti-Social behaviour including fireworks around Frecheville Park and Pond. Councillors have report the issues through to the police and council officers. The police have responded to say they will be going into Birley Academy to try to identify anyone involved. If they do identify the people causing this anti-social behaviour they will then deal with them with their parents. They have also said they will increase the patrols around the area.

Please do keep reporting incidents through 101. This will ensure the area is on the police hot spot list and can allocate resources accordingly.

A Spooky Coincidence at FFPP Fun Day…

Councillor Denise Fox and Councillor Karen McGowan with Winner Sherrie
Councillor Denise Fox and Councillor Karen McGowan with Winner Sherrie

As part of our contribution to Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond fun day, Birley Ward Labour Party ran our famed £50 prize draw. But when the winner was drawn, a spooky coincidence was discovered!

Sherrie won £50 on our draw. ‘Sherry Baby’ is a famous song by the Four Seasons: it was their first hit, and became number one in the hit parade on the 25th of August 1962.  50 years to the day later, Sherrie won £50 in our prize draw!

We hope she had as much fun spending it as we did working all this out…

Frechevillle Park and Pond Fun Day

Birley Ward Labour Party at Frecheville Pond and Park Fun Day
Birley Ward Labour Party at Frecheville Pond and Park Fun Day

Well done to the Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond for organising the Frecheville Park & Pond Fun Day (20 August 2012). It was great to see many members of the community out supporting the event.  There was everything from rock climbing to trying your hand at fishing.

Birley Ward Councillors Karen McGowan and Denise Fox were pleased to be able to donate £60 to the Friends Group on behalf of Birley Ward Labour Party from a £50 draw and a ‘naming the doll’ stall.  The winning number of the £50 draw was No. 28 and was won by Sherrie.  Cllr McGowan said “this event was a great success and we hope that it will continue and become a yearly event”, and Councillor Fox added “thank you to Sheffield City Councils Park Ranger Service for the work they have been doing in supporting the Friends Group and for the work at this event”.

In September you will see that the pond will be fenced off whilst major work is undertaken to strengthen the edge of the pond.  This work should take approximately two months.  If you wish to join to Friends Group or just be kept informed of what is happening please email the Chair, Leon Pedryc at apedryc@hotmail.co.uk