Kash Walayat OBE for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner: Birley Branch Endorsements

Kash Walayat OBE
Kash Walayat OBE

The Labour Party’s decision on whom to nominate for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner is imminent. Given the importance of this post, it is essential that the best candidate is put forward to contest the full election in November.

Birley Branch Labour Party is pleased to announce a number of endorsements for Kash Walayat OBE: Councillor Bryan Lodge, Councillor Karen McGowan, Councillor Denise Fox and membership secretary Mike Drabble are all convinced that Kash Walayat OBE is the right person for the job.

His skills, experience and connections with all sections of the community mean he is better placed than any other candidate to offer effective oversight of South Yorkshire Police in what will be a challenging time for our local force. In addition, Kash Walayat OBE has demonstrated his commitment to the post by giving up his highly paid civil service job to stand: something none of the other candidates can say!

So we urge all local Labour Party members to vote for Kash Walayat OBE for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner. He’s a long-standing Labour member that has worked hard for the party in the past, and will work hard for the people of South Yorkshire in the future.


Vote Bryan Lodge for Councillor for Birley Ward on Thursday May 3rd!

The elections for Sheffield Council are being held this Thursday, May 3rd. We urge all residents of Birley Ward to vote for Bryan Lodge: he is the only candidate that can effectively fight for the people of our ward.

As Deputy Leader of Sheffield Council, Bryan has a record of standing up to the coalition government, and of doing his best to oppose the punitive cuts inflicted on cities like ours by the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives. Remember, a vote for either of them is a vote for the parties that are slashing funding in councils in the north of England, while leaving Liberal Democrat and Conservative council budgets in the south virtually untouched! It’s clear that Liberal Democrats and Conservatives in Sheffield can’t be trusted to stand up for us: they’re too busy helping their coalition cronies.

So if you oppose the cuts, vote for The Labour Party’s Bryan Lodge on Thursday May 3rd, and help him continue to fight for your interests.

Bryan Lodge, Karen McGowan and Denise Fox Greet Labour Deputy Leader

Bryan Lodge With Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman
Bryan Lodge With Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman

Bryan Lodge, Karen McGowan and Denise Fox met Harriet Harman today. She came to speak outside the City Hall and show her support to the Sheffield Labour Candidates.

The Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman took to those very same steps to launch a new Labour Party document called “Caught Yellow Handed”. It exposes the Lib Dems campaign in these local elections for what it is – hypocritical and the same old Lib Dems – saying one thing, doing another”. She said

“Lib Dem literature across the country is conspicuously lacking any trace of Nick Clegg on it. In Sheffield some of their leaflets don’t even have any Lib Dem logos on! Don’t let them get away with it send a clear message to the Lib Dems and help Labour win on 3 May”.

It was raining but the prople of Sheffield stood and listened to what she had to say. It was a moral boost to the candidates and she welcomed by the Council Leader Julie Dore.

Clive Betts MP also came and listened to Harriet.

Streets Ahead Highways Maintenance

The city council announced the award of a £2.2billion contract to Amey recently to manage the city’s highways maintenance for the next 25 years. This means that every road, and footpath will be treated to deliver a renewed and smoother surface, new or improved energy efficient street lighting provided on every road, work done on highways trees to reduce ‘nuisance’, street furniture such as railings, signs, etc renewed and all traffic signals updated. “I launched the council’s bid for this scheme when I first became a cabinet member back in 2006” saidBryan. “I’ve been closely involved in this scheme throughout it’s development so I’m really pleased by the recent announcement that work will start later in the summer. The next five and a half years will see major work across the city so we’ll be working with Amey to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum and everyone is made aware of when their area will see the work start.”

Crime and Anti Social Behaviour

In the budget for 2011, the previous Lib Dem council cut the funding for Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s), a move that was widely criticised by residents across the City. Labour restored funding for 10 PCSO’s when they came to power last May and we are already seeing the benefit of these additional officers. “PCSO’s work closely with the community on issues such as road safety around schools and tackling ASB. They support the work of the local Tenants and Residents Association and ‘Friends of’ groups in our parks” commented Cllr Bryan Lodge, adding ”People feel safer when they see a uniformed presence on the streets; the Tory / Lib Dem government are hell bent on cutting police numbers so I’m glad that we can fund additional PCSO’s in Sheffield.  Once again, Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems are propping up the Tories in their savage cuts that will only add to peoples fear of crime”.

Lib Dem Double Standards?

Back in October 2011, repairs on the Town Hall clock were heavily criticised by Lib Dems. The repairs were deemed necessary under health and safety grounds and admittedly, the cost of repairs at approximately £19,000 were high. But clearly people walking below the clock would be at risk after harsh weather had taken its toll on the clock faces.

Wind forward a few months and we have Lib Dem Cllr Diane Stimley encouraging the council to spend £7000 to clean a statue of Queen Victoria in Endcliffe Park!. As Lib Dem leader Cllr Mohammed said at the time of the clock repair “It seems like an eyewatering amount of money to spend at a time when vital front line services are feeling the squeeze.” Will he be saying that to Cllr Stimley? I doubt it.

Tory / Lib Dem Government To Cut Helicopter

Labour Members of South Yorkshire Police Authority are fighting the Coalition Governments proposals to get rid of South Yorkshire’s helicopter. 

The original proposals from the National Police Air Service (NPAS) meant the existing South Yorkshire based helicopter would have been absorbed into the national structure, and that the county would have received air cover from bases in West Yorkshire, Humberside and Derbyshire, with significantly longer response times for most of the area. The Police Authority voted to keep the helicopter, only to be told by the government that this wouldn’t be allowed. “It’s great for the Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems to bang on about support for the Localism agenda that David Cameron and the Tories are rolling out, but when it comes down to an issue that local people really want, our own dedicated police helicopter, our views don’t count” said Cllr Bryan Lodge “Why isn’t Mr Clegg standing up for the people of Sheffield and South Yorkshire against this government? It seems localism is OK, but only where it suits the Coalition Government!”


Andy Burnham MP Visits Sheffield

Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Andy Burnham  MP, came to Sheffield today for the regional launch of Labour’s local election campaign. During his visit to Sheffield, Andy took time out for a chat with local Birley councillors Bryan Lodge and Karen McGowan.  We discussed concerns raised by members of the public across Birley over the recent Tory/ Lib Dem imposed changes to the NHS and cuts to Police numbers in the region.  Andy confirmed that a future Labour government will reverse the NHS changes.

Cllr Julie Dore, Leader Sheffield City Council, Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health with Birley Cllrs Bryan Lodge and Karen McGowan

Sheffield Central Constituency Labour Party Fundraiser – With Shadow Chancellor Rt Hon Ed Balls MP

Sheffield Central CLP are holding a fundraiser this month, and it looks a good one! For those wishing to attend, and hear Shadow Chancellor Rt Hon Ed Balls MP speak, here are the details.

Sheffield Central Constituency Labour Party Fundraiser

Friday 20TH April 2012
7.00pm for 7.30pm

Special Guest:
Rt Hon Ed Balls MP – Shadow Chancellor

LIVE entertainment from Ken Follett and ‘ClogIron’

Sheffield College, Granville Road, Sheffield S2 2RL.

‘Pie and Pea’ supper. Please say if you want vegetarian option when you book your ticket.

Ticket: £15.00 & £7.50 young members

For more details, please contact: Jim Smith, CLP Secretary,sheffieldcentralclpfundraising@gmail.com

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Sheffield Central Constituency Labour Party’

Donations of Raffle prizes MOST WELCOME!!