Frecheville Trees of Remembrance

A poignat and moving service to re dedicate the Trees of Remembrance on Heathfield Road , Frecheville was attended by over a 100 people last Saturday (15/3/14) including veterans, cadets and members of the local community. Nineteen trees were planted in memory of the nineteen Frecheville servicemen who gave their lives during the Second World War and there used to be a small plaque at the base of each tree but these disappeared many years ago. Cllr Bryan Lodge has been investigating some form of replacement plaque for some time and is pleased to have now secured funding to do this. With the support of his fellow Birley Councillors, Cllrs Karen McGowan and Denise Fox, funding has been identified to produce and site an interpretation board close to the trees to explain why the trees were planted.  It is also hoped to replace three trees in due course as there are currently only sixteen trees remaining.“There’s a whole generation that’s grown up without any knowledge of the significance of the trees and now is an appropriate time to redress this. I remember the Royal British Legion organised a parade to St Cyprian’s Church and the laying of wreaths afterwards at the trees on Remembrance Sunday each year and I used to take part as a Scout, along with members of the Boys Brigade, Guides and Brownies, and many members of the local community.   Sadly the parades ceased some years ago as membership dwindled within the Royal British Legion.  I’m extremely pleased that we have secured the funding and have worked with officers of the Council and the local Veteran’s Association on the wording. It was great to see so many people there including ex servicemen and women, Cadets and pupils from Birley Community College”.

Cllr Fox, Lodge and McGowan with local resident and veteran Bill Carlin

This installation of the interpretation board also ties in with the proposals of local resident and veteran Bill Carlin, seen in the photo with Cllrs McGowan, Fox and Lodge,  for a new war memorial to be built within the boundaries of the Frecheville Park and Pond. “When we were looking at getting the board installed, we became aware of Bill’s aspiration and felt that this complemented his wish. It’s fitting that everyone passing by will now be aware of the significance of the trees, maybe calling to mind the sacrifice shown by local families”.Bill is well on the way to raise the funding needed for the new war memorial and it is hoped that work will enable the new memorial to be officially unveiled in the near future.

Hackenthorpe Tenants and Community Association- a Clairification

Please see below a combined statement from the Birley Ward Councillors, Beighton Ward Councillors and Clive Betts MP providing in response to an article published in The Star.

In a recent Viewpoint published in ‘The Star’,  concerns were expressed around the suspension of the Hackenthorpe Tenants and Community Association (HTACA). The piece finished by making an inference that local councillors from Beighton and Birley wards, plus Clive Betts MP, appear to be disinterested due to there being no elections this year. Nothing could be further from the truth. The councillors and MP have been working with the association for many years but have been more closely involved recently as the problems surrounding the TACA’s operation have unfolded.

For clarity, a number of facts regarding the association need to be understood:  HTACA, covering a vast area that spans both Beighton and Birley Wards, has been in a state of turmoil for a number of years. Over two years ago, following changes to the committee and officers of the association, an Independent Auditor was asked to conduct a review of the association’s previous year’s accounts and identified some discrepancies that required further investigation. This highlighted additional areas of concern including items of expenditure of the association, the commissioning and awarding of works conducted in the gardens of the association’s office, and around individual expense claims. Further instances of fraud were uncovered and police proceedings followed. After a period in which the committee and officers tried to stabilise and rebuild the TACA, the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and some other committee members took the decision to resign. They cited problems within the committee, expressing concern that some committee members were making it difficult to conduct the functions and operation of the association. They effectively closed the association, returning the keys of the TACA premises and transferring the balance of the accounts to Sheffield Homes to hold in trust. Due to the difficulties the association had experienced, and a number of outstanding issues that had still to be resolved, the Local Area Board of Sheffield Homes (now Council Housing Service) concluded that a full and frank investigation in to the association was the best way to resolve the issues and plot a way forward. This course of action received the backing and support of the local councillors, Clive Betts MP, the Cabinet Member for Homes and Neighbourhoods and his Cabinet Assistant. Consequently, a panel made up of independent tenants that include the former Chair of Sheffield Homes, plus Cllr Tony Damns, Cabinet Assistant, and the Council Housing Service Area Manager, is currently conducting the investigation. As this complex investigation is still ongoing, and until the investigation is completed, the association remains suspended and the Council Housing Service holds tenant’s levies.

This is a difficult time for the TACA and everyone involved in trying to resolve the matter. Whilst we recognise the frustration experienced by the ongoing suspension of the TACA, we are disappointed with a piece that attempts to paint a picture of disinterest and apathy.  We are united in our desire to ensure that a properly constituted and well-run organisation emerges from this process; an organisation that is fit for purpose and is focused on its members.

In the meantime, tenants and residents across the Hackenthorpe, Birley, Frecheville and Scowerdons estates continue to receive support and assistance from their elected councillors and MP through regular surgeries or by contacting them directly.

Cllr Helen Mirfin-Boukouris, Cllr Ian Saunders, Cllr Chris Rosling-Joseph
Members for Beighton ward

Cllr Karen Mcgowan, Cllr Denise Fox, Cllr Bryan Lodge
Members for Birley ward

Clive Betts MP
Sheffield South East

Streets Ahead Resurfacing Works

Streets-Ahead-diagram-beigeResidents of Birley Moor Road, Linley Lane and Hopefield Avenue are receiving letters regarding the next stage of the Streets Ahead project on their roads. New street lighting columns are currently being installed on Hopefield Avenue and Linley Lane following the introduction of the new, white light, columns on Birley Moor Road. Other works will follow to reinstate the verges and repair pavements.  Now Amey, the council’s partner for the project, are notifying of the proposed resurfacing works for the road and footpaths. The works are planned from Woodhouse Road in Intake, through to Mosborough and incorporating Hopefield Avenue and Linley Lane.


This work will take place from 3 June to 18 August 2013 and we will need
to close some of the roads to carry out the work. Diversion routes will be in
place where needed. Pedestrian access and access for emergency vehicles
will be available at all times. Temporary signs will be displayed in the area five days before work starts, confirming the start date and expected duration of the work. Parking and access to properties, On-street parking and access to properties will be restricted on the roads being worked on, during working hours. Most roads will be open and on-street parking as normal outside of these hours. (The temporary signs on each road will tell you when on-street parking is restricted or unavailable).
It is very important that you make alternative arrangements for parking whilst
Amey are carrying out these highway improvement works. If you need vehicle
access to your property then this will be accommodated by the on-site
supervisor. Please make the on-site team aware of your needs as soon as
possible, as there may be a short delay while this is organised. Please plan
ahead and leave extra time wherever possible.

Further information
Please see for further information about Streets Ahead and follow progress @sccstreetsahead on Twitter.
If you would like any further information or to discuss any issues, please
contact the project team on 0114 273 4567 or email


Frecheville Panto

frech pantoWhat outstanding talent Frecheville has! A brilliant performance of Cinderella was put on last week at Frecheville Community Centre and what a laugh. So much time and effort has gone into rehearsals, costumes and scenery. Thank you to everyone who got involved from the performers to the back stage staff, raffle tickets sellers, security, lighting etc etc it was really great – well done everyone.

Mindless Vandalism at Frecheville Pond

After celebrating the completition of the works to improve the pond, Birley Councillors and members of the Friends group were deeply saddened by recent mindless vandalism that has seen bins ripped up and a recycling bin pushed in to the pond.  Cllr Bryan Lodge said “It’s such a shame when all this hard work is spoilt by idiots who have no respect for the pond or the local community. I really hope that these hooligans can be found and would urge anyone who has any information on who is responsible to report it to the police. This can be done through 101 or through any of your local councillors if you feel more comfortable using that route” He added “We can’t let this sort of behaviour ruin local facilities – please, if you know who is responsible, pass it on to the police”

Work Completed on Frecheville Pond

Celebrating the completion of the works at Frecheville Pond – Dave Taylor from Amey and Cllr Bryan Lodge join Leon Pedryc and Alastair Daniel from the Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond

The Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond are celebrating the completion of works to the pond that will protect this asset for many years to come. Damage to the paths had resulted in large areas of the pond being fenced off, whilst leaking water had weakened the embankment near the community centre.  The works have seen the former ‘hard’ edges of the pond softened to provide a gentle, more natural surround to the pond, with new paths installed to improve access around the perimeter. “I’m really pleased that working with the Friends group, Parks and Countryside and Amey (as the contractor), we’ve managed to get this work done on this hidden gem that means everyone will be able to enjoy the area for many years to come” said Cllr Lodge  “It’s looking so much better and I can’t wait to see the difference next year as the grass grows and nature takes it’s course”

Birley Labour Team’s Latest Roving Surgery

Last week saw the latest roving surgery from your Labour Councillors. Cllr’s Fox Lodge and McGowan were out meeting members of the public in the Silkstone Estate area on Wednesday 14th November. Issues raised included the condition of roads, anti social behaviour and the general finances of the council. “We were able to answer questions about the state of the roads and reassure residents that all the roads, footpaths, verges and streetlighting will be brought up to standard over the next few years now we have started the Streets Ahead project” said Cllr Bryan Lodge, adding ” the first works in our area will start next year as Birley Moor Road is included in the primary routes phase”. Anti social behaviour was raised by one resident who recognised that the problems have reduced.Said Cllr Denise Fox “It’s pleasing to hear that incidents of ASB have reduced in the area but we need to continue to work with our partners in the police and youth service to really drive out the nuisance caused by ASB”   

For more information on the Streets Ahead project, including the map of when works are scheduled in our areas, please see


A Spooky Coincidence at FFPP Fun Day…

Councillor Denise Fox and Councillor Karen McGowan with Winner Sherrie
Councillor Denise Fox and Councillor Karen McGowan with Winner Sherrie

As part of our contribution to Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond fun day, Birley Ward Labour Party ran our famed £50 prize draw. But when the winner was drawn, a spooky coincidence was discovered!

Sherrie won £50 on our draw. ‘Sherry Baby’ is a famous song by the Four Seasons: it was their first hit, and became number one in the hit parade on the 25th of August 1962.  50 years to the day later, Sherrie won £50 in our prize draw!

We hope she had as much fun spending it as we did working all this out…

Frechevillle Park and Pond Fun Day

Birley Ward Labour Party at Frecheville Pond and Park Fun Day
Birley Ward Labour Party at Frecheville Pond and Park Fun Day

Well done to the Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond for organising the Frecheville Park & Pond Fun Day (20 August 2012). It was great to see many members of the community out supporting the event.  There was everything from rock climbing to trying your hand at fishing.

Birley Ward Councillors Karen McGowan and Denise Fox were pleased to be able to donate £60 to the Friends Group on behalf of Birley Ward Labour Party from a £50 draw and a ‘naming the doll’ stall.  The winning number of the £50 draw was No. 28 and was won by Sherrie.  Cllr McGowan said “this event was a great success and we hope that it will continue and become a yearly event”, and Councillor Fox added “thank you to Sheffield City Councils Park Ranger Service for the work they have been doing in supporting the Friends Group and for the work at this event”.

In September you will see that the pond will be fenced off whilst major work is undertaken to strengthen the edge of the pond.  This work should take approximately two months.  If you wish to join to Friends Group or just be kept informed of what is happening please email the Chair, Leon Pedryc at