Birley Blitz is a Great Success

Birley BlitzPhoto taken by Peter Wolstenholme

The first Birley Blitz event took place on Thursday 25 July. In response to complaints of litter in Jaunty Park by local residents your local Labour Councillors have joined together with local residents, the Youth Justice Service, staff from Parks and Country side, Sheffield Futures and the East Youth Forum. Also helping out on the day were Richmond Ward Councillor Lynn Rooney and Clive Betts, Labour MP for South East Sheffield.

Councillor Karen McGowan said “a big thank you to all those who took part, they worked extremely hard and we managed to collect over 50 bags as well as some other more unusual items such as a headboard, a carpet, a leather jacket to name but a few.”

Staff and young people from the Sheffield Youth Justice Service participated in the Birley Blitz – ‘keeping our communities clean and green’. Armed with gloves, brushes, bags, barrows and litter picks this was an opportunity for young people working with the Youth Justice Service to make a restorative contribution to the local area whilst also developing links with local residents and increasing their awareness of environmental issues. A lavish spread was provided and prepared by other Youth Justice staff and young people which was a welcome sight at lunch time for hot and hungry volunteers.

Sheffield Futures East Youth Forum joined in the Birley Blitz to clean up Jaunty Park as litter is one of their priorities this year. Ryan Pickersgill is taking the lead in this area on behalf of the East Youth Forum and said “we are here representing all young people of the East to keep the area clean and tidy. I hope in the future that people will use bins and also come and join us in future clean ups”

Councillor Bryan Lodge said “It was a great turn out for this first event and I hope people will join us for the next Birley Blitz event which will be on Saturday 14 September 2013. We will be meeting at Scowerdons Community Centre at 10 a.m. the event will end at 1 p.m. and everyone is welcome”.

2 Replies to “Birley Blitz is a Great Success”

  1. brilliant effort!! why can not the councilors and council do something about the people (footballers not all of them)who turn up play the game.Then trundle off leaving all rubbish on jaunty fields, then the lazy ones who empty the rubbish out of cars on the grass/pavement where they park and block the roads and paths. its a joke when council members want publicity you see them! getting this long standing problem sorted would be a better idea but perhaps if there were TV/papers involved then it would get sorted

  2. Thank you for your comments. As part of this event we did also hold a walking surgery with the local PCSO on 24 July around the roads that backed onto Jaunty Park (these included Quarry Vale, Kildonan, Fox Lane and Longstone Crescent) so that residents could raise any concerns that they had. We are regularly taking action when residents raise concerns. We did get residents raising similar issues to yourself with regard to the footballers and the rubbish left behind and letters are being sent out to the two teams who are allocated to Jaunty Park for Official League matches. However, if there are teams playing on the pitches on a casual basis this is harder to manage. We do rely on residents contacting us and reporting their concerns. If you do come across any issues please do not hesitate to contact any of your local councillors – our details are on the website. Please note we are holding another Birley Blitz event on 14 September meeting at Scowerdons Community Centre at 10 a.m. and we will be covering the East Glade/Silkstone park area and everyone is welcome to join us.

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