Community working with McDonalds on Litter Picking Event

McDonald's Drakehouse Litter Pick 21-7-13 (2)Birley Ward Labour Councillor Karen McGowan and Beighton Ward Councillor Ian Saunders joined staff from McDonalds at Drakehouse on Sunday 21 July. They were also joined by the young people from the East Youth Forum and members of the community to litter pick main roads in the Beighton, Waterthorpe, Sothall areas. Councillor McGowan said “It was amazing to see how much litter was collected in such a short space of time. I initially thought the majority of litter would be from take away food but this wasn’t the case. The largest amounts came from plastic bottles, cans and cigarette packets. We collected over 40 bags and McDonalds litter made up less than 10% of what we collected. I would like to thank everyone who took part for getting up on a Sunday morning they all worked very hard and made me feel very welcome.”

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  1. Hi Karen, as usual you were right, could l apologise for the lack of coffee at your visit last Friday, that was unfortunate due to personal problems between the two managers who came and Terry and Barbara.l have passed on your message and left it with them.As you are aware l am meeting Rhian on Wednesday, should be interesting with the statement that Mike Broom came out with.Will let you know how things progress.Cannot believe how fast times have flown between you starting on the council and now up for a second term.l know you will win easily because of all the excellent work you do and that is what the people who elect you and others to do, be there voice and you do that.l can vouch for that 100%.Can I ask you to try and kick a few but to about that 55 bus stop in Peaks, the one they promised to repair but didn’t.its the very top stop as buses enter the bus terminus.Thank You and best of luck in the elections

  2. Well, We’ll Karen you really know how to blend in, perhaps you should have a quiet word to Shannon, if l was you stick to politics and don’t volunteer for a job in the army, as a sniper.Only joking love, great job you are doing, pity the idiots who dump the rubbish in the first place, dumping rubbish anywhere needs dropping on more with heavier penalties for those doing it.The trouble is catching them.What about using some of the covert cameras as used in the wild life programmes on TV or perhaps the council could procure some.If they are used in specific areas they could help catch one or two of the offenders.Provided they are well positioned there should be no losses.Keep the good work up Karen.

  3. Today l was enquiring about the costs to householders of having a dropped kerb and crossing the price made me shudder a cool £960.Being as this is a reasonably poor area with relation to the footpaths and road surfaces which are probably the worst in Sheffield.I venture to the estate on a frequent timescale and it is an area that needs massive help.The whole area looks as though it has never had money of any significant amount spent on it for years.The buses on occasion have difficulties and putting that massive price to deliver a dropped kerb and crossing really needs looking at.Even our MR Clive Betts commented on the situation when he went round the area some time ago.l can see it is a small ex Derbyshire area but it is now in Sheffield and when one looks at the posh main road that runs from Mosborough through Birley to manor top and compare what happened on that road how many were charged £960 for all the crossings on that road?.
    Come on Sheffield council have a heart, it’s surprising what gets put in without extra cost it’s just dependant where it is.

  4. l must apologise for omitting the area that l was blogging about it is the Westfield estate in Mosborough and the entrance is approx 400 yards from the top of station road up the main toad towards Sheffield.very sorry for this, the 55 bus runs around the small estate, very sorry for the omission.BRIAN

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