Many parents and carers may be worried about the recent news stories regarding horsemeat in pre-prepared meals. The following is the Sheffield City Council statement (dated 11 May 2013) on this issue.

Jayne Ludlam, Executive Director for Children, Young People and Families, Sheffield City Council, said:

“Under our contract with Taylor Shaw, very little pre-prepared food is used in the preparation of school meals. Dishes are made from fresh meat and supplies brought in two or three times a week to make sure that there is as little frozen meat product as possible. Dishes such as Lasagne and Meat and Potato Pie are always made by the cooks themselves to agreed recipes. The service is also regularly monitored to make sure this is carried out to the council’s expectations.

“Most of the meat used in school meals in Sheffield is provided by Underwoods Meats of Rotherham and only British beef is used. Burgers and sausages are provided by Brakes, which has no connections with any of the companies involved so far. All suppliers are complying with the Food Standards Agency’s deadline to have tested all beef products by Friday 15 February. Taylor Shaw are keeping us informed of all developments.”

Statement from Taylor Shaw (School Meals’ contractor)

“As a Company we take the provenance of our products very seriously. All our suppliers are required to undertake a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that all products are traceable and from reliable sources. The fact that we produce the majority of our meals from fresh ingredients supplied by UK butchers is reassurance as we are not using meat sourced from abroad.

“The latest information regarding cross contamination of meat has given rise to the need for additional vigilance, although as a company we do not use any of the products mentioned or indeed take product from the named manufacturers. It should be stressed that there are no hygiene or safety issues arising from the recent issues although the matter is extremely disturbing for religious compliance.

“All our halal meat comes from recognised suppliers within the relevant communities and as such we would expect the religious observance to be excellent. We have been in touch with all our meat suppliers and have spoken to them to ensure that they are complying with the Food Standards Agency deadline to have tested all beef products by Friday 15th Feb to ensure that the meat is of the highest quality and does not contain any cross-contamination. We have also asked our suppliers to respond to us as well with the findings. We will continue to be vigilant and review our processes so that if changes are required in our checks then these can be accommodated.”

Further Joint statement on behalf of Sheffield City Council and Taylor Shaw Ltd (15/2/2013):
“There is a national maximum level of prepared meat products that can be used on menus in schools, but the Sheffield specification is even stricter, which we test thoroughly and regularly. The majority of food from Taylor Shaw is prepared fresh on site each day and only 6 per cent of meals are pre-prepared.

“Although we have been given assurances by our suppliers about the provenance of the pre-prepared food, we take the safety of the young people in our schools very seriously. In light of the ongoing revelations of illegal activity by unscrupulous people regarding the contamination of processed meat products this week, as a precaution we have taken the joint decision to suspend the use of all processed meat products in all school meals with immediate effect.”

“We hope that this will reassure parents and carers who may have any reservations about their children’s school meals.”

“We are aware that the Food Standards Agency are carrying out urgent investigations into meat suppliers nationally and we will monitor any feedback from their investigations before considering the re-introduction of any processed meat products in our school meals, in the future.”

“We would advise all schools who do not have Taylor Shaw as their school meals contractor to adopt this decision.”


  1. Hi Karen,Quite aware that sometimes you have to take what suppliers tell one with a pinch of salt as in many cases they are as much in the dark themselves.Even the massive companies are being caught,probably because of complacency.From watching television quite a lot the safest bets seem to be the small family company dealing with the farmer next door,but it is very obvious that wouldn,t feed the world.This is where the underhand comes in,from watching and listening to farmers, suppliers,etconce the meat is chopped up or minced especially the minced type it gets very difficult to state what is what.I would assume that a lot more lab work will be involved in trying to ensure that what is being bought in the Councils name is of the “What it says on the tin” keep up the good work Karen,you can then do my meat buying.BRI

  2. Hello Birley councillors,It seems that the silly season is exploding in the 44 bus service,when on earth are we going to get a full weeks service instead of listening to lie after lie about the reason buses are missing.One of the legitimate and possibly truthful answers which is never forthcoming is that all the rubbish is used on services 42 and 44 and it doesn’t take many brains to work out that they are prone to more breakdowns.We are an elderly group who usually use these services especially the 44 mob but never the less it shouldn’t be “anything will do for them orthey are only pensioners so they don’t pay,l won’t comment on that or l may get locked up.All we ask for is affair service.The 120 service of both groups,First and Stagecoach run about like litter and have plenty of scope to remove one of those than continually penalising other less favourite routes.The trouble with the organisers of the bus services think all pensioners are senile and don’t see these anomalies,to those people l just say,look in the mirror,being a pensioner is but a short way off and when you have trouble standing and walking cast your mind back and think of what you did and l sincerely hope you get some of your own medicine.Brian.

  3. Hello Karen,Still no work been done on the 55 bus stop in Crystal Peaks.Promises to some people are just a form of of escapism to get away from having to get something done.It would be poetic judgement if it was one of those lying individuals who had the honour of tripping up when they got off the bus and ended up in hospital but knowing our luck it will be an aging pensioner with bad eyes and who was unsteady on his/her legs.What a lot of uncaring individuals we have and ultimately have to rely on them.

  4. Hi Brian,

    Good to hear from you. The reply I received from Officers on 23 April 2013 stated “definite footway work needed, we will look to improve this through a combination of Streetsahead/”Halfway Key Route package” of bus stop improvements (due to take place this year). I have asked Officers to come back to me with an update of when this work will be undertaken. As soon as I receive a reply I will let you know.

    Many thanks


  5. Hi Brian,

    With regard to the issues you have raised with the No. 42 and 44 bus service I have asked SYPTE to reply directly to your comments.


  6. Hi Brian,

    The Officer that originally dealt with your query is on holiday but I have received a reply explaining that the bus station is the responsibility of Crystal Peaks Centre. The Centre Manager is investigating and is liaising with SYPTE’s Facilities and Operations Manager. I will let you have further details when I receive them.


  7. Good morning Karen,Once again many thanks for your unswerving assistance,whilst l really do appreciate all the help you give l also realise that you can only pursue an problem so far because at the end of it all you having to wait for a,yes or a maybe to be actioned and when l raise an issue with any of our councillors l fully accept that premise.A councillor is not god even though many people think you have only to open your mouths and people will jump.l am fortunate to have been married to one for 12 years and seen the anguish of her trying to persuade people who don’t want persuading.Thanks again and l know you will always do your best.BRIAN

  8. FAO Mr Whitfield

    Sorry to hear that you have hade reliabilty problems with the no 44. It would help me greatly in looking into the problem if you could let me have specific dates and times when the service has been missing.


  9. To Gilly Greensitt,Thanks for your interest in the missing bus syndrome.As you may be aware the Numbers 42 and 44 rotate services from Crystal Peaks and then change numbers again whenthe enter town.It sounds complicated so you would need to contact “First” for a first hand take on the service.The quality of the buses doesn’t help the situation and l would suggest a lot of journeys are running on drivers having to cover by overtime.If you want to help the hard done too customers maybe a complaint to the organisation who monitor the services who control the route licences issued to bus companies and at one time could withdraw a licence if a bus company missed so many journeys.Ringing in to Rotherham is a complete waste of time and money as the people are experts at making excuses as though the public were a load of imbiciles.As l mentioned earlier even though the 42 and 44 interchange virtually all day seldom do you see a 42 missing.Try standing at the 42/44 bus stops in Crystal Peaks or outside Wilkinsons in town and ask the question about missing buses,you will get a full but fair answer.BRIAN

  10. Have noticed that road and footpath areas in Sheffield are being overhauled to bring them up to a reasonable standard.If anyone in power within the Sheffield council with responsibility over the selection over which areas should take priority then could I suggest that a visit to the Westfield estate up in Mosborough will very quickly resolve that issue.On this small out of the way estate they must have the worst road and footpaths in Sheffield.This estate even have patches that have been patched.This small area is serviced by a small bus owned by TCM and even that has difficulty getting through because there is insufficient space for cars and a bus, so more hard parking areas are required instead of the grassed areas that are being used as parking areas as of now.This will give more road space and ensure that the bus and cars are all catered for.No doubt this can and should be applied to a lot of areas across the whole of Sheffield.BRIAN

  11. Hi Brian,

    Work has finally started on improving Sheffields roads, pavements, lighting, signage etc. Councillor Lodge put a very informative article on the Birley Ward Labour Party website on 16 May 2013 about the work starting in the Birley ward – it is titled ‘Streets Ahead Resurfacing Works’if you want to take a look at this. Work is also starting in Mosborough if anyone wants to see the programme of works for the different areas please visit the councils website at and this will provide you with the necessary information. If you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact us.

  12. to Gilly Geensit, l appreciate that you put your name to the article,June 17th 2013 about First buses running there own timetable,you know the one in answer to my complaints about 44 buses in particular as l usually catch it,when it runs that is.The only thing l can say if you don’t intend to try to help in this matter please don’t get involved in the first place.I don’t know who you represent, but suffice to know that no matter which self respecting 44 bus users you ask they will tell you that this service is at its very best is unreliable and no matter how many complaints go in nothing changes,and being as you haven’t bothered to reply says it all.Oh l forgot, this bus only carries pensioners so we don’t need to bother about them,l can hear them singing that song at First H Q.Don’t worry one day you will all be pensioners and l hope you get ignored just like we are being ignored now

  13. Brian,
    Gilly works for SYPTE and is trying to help. She asked if you could supply her with specific instances of dates and times so that she can take this up with First. I’m not aware of any further information being supplied to her so i think your comment is a little unfair. As the buses have gps tracking, it’s possible to look at what happened on specific journeys. I appreciate that some time has passed since you originally posted the comment on to this story but if the buses fail to turn up in future, please drop me an email with the date and time and I will send on to gilly. I can be contacted on

  14. Hello Bryan,From your comments and anyone else who makes the same comments obviously don’t use the buses.Snyone will tell you that this bus and that bus were/are missing but as for giving specifics the simple way will be to contact First.When the company take up a contract and put out timetables it is up to the company to have enough buses,crews.maintenance staff to operate the said bus timetables as advertised otherwise any Tom,Dick.orHarry will operate a service as and whem they feel like it.It appears that all the people capable of sorting out the bus services have cars.If you put your cars in the garage and went on the buses l am sure the situation would change overnight.Talk to Karen about the 55 bus stop in Crystal Peaks,peole talk and more talk,l was asked for specifics in that instance and guess what,NOTHING DONE.l only hope that someone doesn’t have a serious accident.

  15. Hello Karen,Brian,Denise.Not sure about this one but you will have more knowledge than me about it.I noticed today that the height of the kerb stones at the edge of the footpath/roadway seemed very low.l was under the impression that kerb stones were of a height to protect people walking on the footpaths from getting run over and to keep vehicles on the road.The area l observed was around the Co-Op and Royal Oak at the junction of Hollinsend and Mansfield Road. I would respectfully request a reply to this as l think that what they are doing is dangerous and a potential hazard.Thank You very much.BRIAN

  16. Hi Brian,

    Good to hear from you. I will raise this with Amey and let you know when I get a reply. Hope you are enjoy this brilliant weather.


  17. Hi Brian

    I have been informed that the height of the kerbs have been checked by a safety audit and they have been classed as in good condition and of sufficient height.

    Hope this answers your questions.

  18. Dear Councillors,Sorry to drop this old chestnut on you.l understand that you are not responsible for what is loosely called a public bus service.To say that this 44 route is getting worse is really a vast understatement.One day last week we had no buses for one hour,this is on a twenty minute service schedule.Today 30th September another session of two buses missing between 1400 and 1500 hrs.The broken down bus sitting on the lane at side of the bus station.As an ex bus driver,we had no radios but still kept the service going,these drivers today always manage to get to crystal peaks then use the radio and then sit on their backsides for over an hour doing nothing.Why don’t they contact base before they get to peaks or better still send a spare bus to peaks in the morning just in case of a breakdown at a cost of peanuts.Something needs doing urgently,l have been on a few buses of late when customers get stuck into the first driver who turns up,this is unacceptable but understandable waiting for an hour in all weathers.First couldn’t care less otherwise it wouldn’t be happening.Whether it be bad management,bad organisation,rubbish buses,we actually had some new buses on our route this sunday,obviously this was a mistake.So what about some statement from First,surely the council can get a statement as to why they are being allowed to run a service which isn’t even poor now it is rubbish and they should have there licence removed unless they give a written agreement to run the service as advertised.If anyone wants first hand comments about this 44 service please some time in Crystal Peaks and outside Wilkinsons down town,they will say far more than I can.
    I would welcome any other bus users sending comments to our councillors,or maybe I should say bus waiters.Regards BRIAN

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