Labour SYPCC Shaun Wright Visits Birley Ward

Labour South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate Shaun Wright Visits Birley Ward
Labour South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate Shaun Wright and Councillor Denise Fox Discuss Crime Priorities with a Birley Ward Resident

On Saturday, Labour’s candidate for the vital post of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner visited Birley Ward. Shaun Wright joined Councillor Bryan Lodge, Councillor Denise Fox, Councillor Harry Harpham and Birley Ward Labour Party Secretary Mike Drabble in touring Basegreen, where he talked to residents about their crime priorities.

Over the course of the morning many vigorous doorstep discussions took place, with residents leaving Shaun in no doubt as to the  issues the police should focus on. Shaun went away with a clear idea of their concerns – including anti-social behaviour, burglaries and the impact of drugs on communities – and pledged to do his best to address them if elected. He said:

“Visiting areas such as Basegreen is extremely valuable: there’s no substitute for talking to people and learning their views on how crime affects them. Unlike the other candidates, if elected I’ll make sure I continue to listen to the people to ensure South Yorkshire Police is not only a model of efficient policing but a force that is totally responsive to the needs of the community it serves.”

Having spent time with Shaun during his campaign, we at Birley Labour Party have no hesitation in urging all inhabitants of South Yorkshire to vote for him on November 15th. He is the only candidate for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner that will defend front-line policing, oppose privatisation of our police force, and ensure that the police serve the interests of each and every community across the county.

10 Replies to “Labour SYPCC Shaun Wright Visits Birley Ward”

  1. Surely it would make Shaun Wright’s job a lot easier if Sheffield homes had the spine to introduce a vetting policy instead of letting drug addicts, alcholics have tenancies that were built for elderly tenants. Maisonettes are supposed to be for everyone not just drug addicts and alcholics. In my experience I moved in my tenancy from hospital with medical priority around ten years ago, this flat was ideal for me, but after around two years the first drug addict moved in and 15 ish broken communal windows and numerous sleepless nights and 8 years later, he is still there and more followed. Surely this must stop somehow, and someone think about the elderly tenants that live under these scum. Sheffield homes anti social behaviour procedure has been a waste of time, my problem has been sorted out by environmental protection, all Sheffield homes say is we do not have enough proof and fill meaningless diary sheets all the time. On Jaunty Crescent in nearly every block there is at least one problem tenant. We pay rent aswell as the drug addicts. Sheffield homes do not care who gives them rent money as long as they pay it but they will not admit it.

    Decent tenants and good friends have left this block because Sheffield homes let anyone have a tenancy

    I will get out of my tenancy and vote for Shaun Wright, but I know the drug addicts and alcholics will not and never will, they do not deserve the chance or choice to vote.

  2. l amm very disappointed with the attitude of the labour councillor Jack Scott at the way he spouts in the Star newspaper about letting householders have a larger rubbish container and then proceeds to let sub contracter Violia run the show,or this is what appears to be the way it is going.The council put the service in and should deal with this part of it.The council decided on the system and should give tenants etc the means to do there bit by providing larger containers when it is requested by the tenants,so come on City Council and Jack Scott give the larger bins to all those who have requested them.We don’t want fly tipping nor do we want to go back to the days prior to wheely bins when the streets of Sheffield were covered in papers etc but went away upon the introduction of wheely bins.

  3. I would like anyone reading this to spread the contents to any persons especially the elderly and ones with difficulty walking if you use the 55 T M bus service and travel to Crystal Peaks.Please be very careful getting off the bus as there is an area at the right hand side of the bus shelter that requires urgent repairs.Thyere is a drop of around one and a half inches at the side of the flag stones.It has been reported to First and they have responded back,but until it is repaired please be careful getting off the bus.Brian Whitfield

  4. Hi Brian,

    Thank you for raising this with First and for bringing this to everyones attention.

    Councillor Karen McGowan

  5. Thank you for your comments Brian I have checked this out with Councillor Jack Scott who has confirmed that there is a criteria for households to obtain a larger bin which Sheffield City Council have agreed with Veolia. If residents and tenants live in a large household or if they suffer from a medical condition that produces lots of waste, they can apply for a larger/additional black bin. For more information about how to apply for a larger/additional black bin call 0114 273 4567 or visit the web page

  6. Hi Karen,got a reply from first about that 55 bus stop in crystal peaks and l am sure they want to be party to an accident before they repair the dangerous bus standing.could you drop them a line to waken them up.cannot understand wht they take so long to rectify a situation that could well cause an elderly person a serious injury.If and when it happens we will get the same old sob story from them when they get lumbered with a big claim.If unfortunately anyone does sustain an injury because of this danger pleaase tell them they can use the contents of all of the emails as evidence,Thanks Bri

  7. Could l ask any of our councillors have had complaints from the bus companies or anyone else regarding the ridiculous situation at school out time at Birley.From around 1500 hrs every day except Sat/Sun from the moment the 44 bus has turned off Birley Lane it has an almost impossible task of negotiating its way through the parked cars,waiting to pick up the children.A visit from thye police may help and possibly double yellow lining could be considered,but when an accident involving a child happens,all hell will be let loose.I was a bus driver for a while and l shudder when l see what they have to put up with at this time,l haven,t been through this same area around 0900hrs but can imagine a similar situation,so come on councillors have a look and if you have already done so then please go again,it is 100% important we keep this area as safe as possible.You may feel nothing can be done but until pressure is put to bear you will never know,saving one young life,or any life for that matter is worth all the trouble.Bri

  8. Hi Brian. We are aware of problems with parked cars around the school and are working with the school, PCSO’s and the council’s Parking Services to try to resolve the problem. I’ve not been made aware of any complaints from the bus companies but we know of road safety issues with the school children. We’ve recently seen a crossing patrol warden start again on Thornbridge Drive and this may help to protect the children. But the problem remains with irresponsible and dangerous parking. Parking Services now have a mobile camera that will enable them to enforce double yellow lines better – Enforcement Officers have to physically issue a ticket to a driver but if they drive off, they can’t do this. A change in legislation means that camera cars can ‘capture’ offenders as they drive along the road and issue fixed penalty notices by post.

  9. Hello Brian,Thank very much for that update,irresponsibility is certainly the operative word,maybe a couple of high definition cameras that can be timer controlled during set periods may be one answer,but in any case thanks once more for your response,Bri

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