Why Do Sheffield Lib Dems Oppose Successful Bus Partnerships?

Norman Baker MP Tells Sheffield Lib Dems What To Do With Their Transport Policy
Norman Baker MP Tells Sheffield Lib Dems What To Do With Their Transport Policy

Despite increasing numbers of cities seeing the real benefits of Bus Partnerships, Sheffield Liberal Democrats are still opposing them. Along with their Green Party allies, they’re continuing to advocate the outdated ‘Quality Contract’ model for bus service provision, despite it being more costly for the taxpayer and less responsive to the wishes of the travelling public.

Their position is so wrong, even their own Transport Secretary – Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker – opposes them! In a recent policy document – ‘Green Light for Better Buses’ – he wrote:

“…recognises the welcome difference that partnerships are making up and down the country. Collaborations between local authorities, operators and passengers are helping co-ordinate timetables in Liverpool, Oxford and Sheffield…They are succeeding because they combine local knowledge of what passengers want in their area with the resources to make a difference.”

A Voluntary Bus Partnership – a key policy of Sheffield Labour Party – is by far the best way to run the city’s bus system, as it is more affordable, better integrated with other transport options, and much more in tune with the needs of the bus users of Sheffield. Furthermore, since it involves passenger groups, the bus companies and the local authority working together, the Partnership can be changed quickly and effectively as issues arise. Councillor Leigh Bramall, Labour Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Development, said:

“The bus partnership is the best deal for Sheffield and it is supported by cross-party MP’s at a national level. Norman Baker has praised Sheffield for its collaborative approach to improving bus services in the city. The Lib Dems are trying to score political points by stalling improvements and are not concerned about the best interests of Sheffield residents.”

The opposition of Sheffield’s Lib Dems to the city’s successful Bus Partnership is yet another sign of their increasing disarray. Not only do they oppose the needs of Sheffield’s travelling public, they’re now in conflict with the preferred policy of the senior transport spokesman of their own party! If the Lib Dems’ last administration wasn’t so damaging to Sheffield, we might even be starting to feel sorry for them…

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  1. I find that this issue has cropped up again and wonder where this council is going to get the money to fund it when at the same time it is forcing pensioners and all other residents who live in sheltered accomodation to pay the wages of the wardens so they can keep being employed by the council.Many if you will remember that when Doncaster were faced with the same”no money” syndrome decided to operate an intercom service instead of forcing other people to pay wages.l have repeatedly put this to the councillors but there answer has been to stop answering my emails just like a child would.But as l have reminded them elections always come around and people who have been hurt by this councils actions may wish to show there anger at the ballot box don’t under estimate the anger of these tenants and there families.As a footnote how many councillors have taken the time to investigate how the wardens service is really operating instead of listening to the rubbish being given to them by the sheltered wardens managememt who run the risk of losing there jobs when government grants dry up and if the savage increases don’t get passed.Wakey wakey its not too late to put in a scheme that only uses the intercom officially as that is what 75% of the wardens are doing now and you sre about to make all pensioners pay for something that management wants you to believe that they visit all tenants daily, don’t you believe it.Brian W.

  2. I have family that are neighbours of the tenant Mr Whitfield and I and they would like an answer to questions that Mr Whitfield has asked, some tenants are thinking of moving away. As I have said before, that if things like this happen I will stop my allegiance to Labour party and another party that is more open can have my vote. Or am I only one man??? In the past few years the Labour has done nothing for me as I’m paying more money out now than I have since I worked for a living and can nothing done or a better or safer place to live.

    Mr Whitfield deserves to be replied to and not ignored because we the voters can ignore the Labour party at the time for election.

  3. Thanks for your response and support Ken l only wish that at least some socialist councillors would have the decency to put up some kind of oposition to what l personally have been saying for many weeks.From the start of the reduction in wardens we have been monitoring the new service and repeatedly telling councillors, senior managers with complaints and it is blatantly obvious that the management haven’t got clue what is actually happening to the warden service and I have the opinion that the same applies to the councillors.Whether it is a ploy or not all councillors and our management have stopped answering emails which tells me that what we are repeatedly saying is in fact correct as no one has actually put there name to anything different to our facts.l will repeat it again you the councillors have been given information by people who don’t know what the service really is themselves.Personally it will cost me an extra £774 per ye8k
    ar for a service l don’t receive and haven’t since the scheme started as put a waiver to say l do not want the warden to visit me as virtually the only calling they do is through an intercom system and they were calling at all times of the day instead of doing what manageeent think they are doing, that is making contact with tenants.And to clarify why this extra money is to pay the wardens and wardens managers wages, just imagine, a socialist council taking money off pensioners to pay well paid staffs wages, it makes me want to vomit.All the councillors slagged the Tories about the bedroom tax and then come up with this abomination.All councillors of the red persuasion who are real socialist councillors should tell Harry Harpham where to stick it, there is no doubt in my mind now that the 1960/1970/1980 councillors will be turning in there graves if they could see what Labour councillors of 2014 are doing and please don’t hide behind shortage of money, this hasn’t stopped you before,when you have blatantly sacked the staff when money became a problem but now you have decided to ignore that principal and take it from the poor old pensioners.And what about
    future years when pay rises are required are you going to soak the pensioners again.What even thinking about a scheme like this that blatantly takes money off ALL pensioners in sheltered dwellingd leads me to believe that many labour councillors are really conservatives at heart.This idea would have been a super idea in the conservative ranks just as they did with the bedroom tax, unfortunately the sheffield council labour group have beaten even that with there own monstrosity
    Come on you true socialist labour councillors you still have time to outvote the instigators of this diabolical unfair set of charges to be handed out on November 1st to all pensioners and other unfortunate tenants mainly disabled or suffering ill health and they will still be charged, no one will evadw the charges, hope you are happy with your handiwork.Brian W.

  4. hi brian thanks for your interest seems you have got more interest than the majority of the city of sheffield councillors.it is a pity that one of them doesnt have a parent in here,maybe then they would have a different view of having to shell out a staggering 774 pounds extra per year for nothing except a worse service.And to make thing a little more exciting if you cannot pay it you will be kicked out irrespective of all the rubbish that the councillors come up with you will be ousted,so much for a caring council.KP

  5. May I just say that these issues raised are not like a litter pick or a dropped kerb put outside a shop these happen on one occasion, this is about paying another shedload of money weekly/yearly for no service whatsoever in sheltered accommodation and nobody from this council seems to care. These tenants range from their early 60s to the mid 90s and no one wants to help them only take £774 a year from them.

  6. I see with interest that Shawn Wright has decided to resighn his position on police commissionaire due to the Rotherham children abuse scandal.Without having the inside info that many of the people clamouring for his head should have had but didn’t l csn only assume that he was wanted out not because of role he was in recently but because of his position on Rotherham council.Probably half of the Souty Yorkshire police force should be sacked if that ruling were to be followed through and closely followed by a load of Rotherhams councillors.Obviously these last two groups will probably survive because the big scalp has finally resigned.There is an obvious lesson to be learned from Shawns tenure, why wasn’t the Rotherham issue raised before he was put forward for the position as the Rothetham scandal had been countrywide for many years l feel 2002 or thereabouts it was on television and the died down a bit but along with one or two northern towns like Rochdale they were highlighted about the children abuse so l find it difficult to understand why he wasn’t questioned about the situation especially with the position he held on Rotherham council.Now that Shawn Wright has gone the same mistakes must not be repeated with the next
    Commissionaire and an extensive background check made and if any attempt to avoid questions arises without good reason, the exit door must be showm, another mess up and South Yorkshire will be the laughing stock of the country.You may even try a non politician there are many of these able people about, the main thing is to get the right person male or female with sufficient knowledge of what is required, l don’t necessarily think that a leaning to any political party is advantageous and being neutral is advantageous as he/she can converse with all party’s equally without the usual sniping and backbiting that could follow a certain party orientated person.
    BRIAN W.

  7. HI Ken, you probably are dead right they do wsnt to “listen to us”what is now happening as we get close to the biggest scandal that the city council have ever put forward in my entire working life and all counvillors have obviously been told to ignore any and all comments relating to the treatment of all the tenants and pensioners in sheltered dwellings.Please sheffield council don’t ever complain about the enemy in London cutting your grant, put things into perspective of what you are doing to ALL the tenants be the cripple ‘blind.unable to see or walk you lot are still hell bent on taking money off all the tenants whilst at the same time you are allowing ALL the wardens staff plus there management team to gloat over the tenants who will be having at least £20 and up to nearly £60 per month just to keep wardens and management staff in work.I have spent many hours in the gods listening to the councillors going on so it is quite strange to send emails and get no reply, l just soldier on and think what a shower of ignorant people we have filling the council chamber but they will come out of there shells at election time.Before much longer l am hopeful that subject to raising the amount of money required or a Member of Parliament prepaired to investigate what this council is doing with these payments and stealing the money in November when the government grants don’t expire until June 2015 and this is in print from the Council on there own documents and finally a nice Tory move from this caring council, whether you don’t pay these charges or can’t pay the charges you will be put out of your home irrespective of how long you have lived in the sheltered dwellings, nice one Sheffield City Council, would you like light or dark blue because this is a tory brainwave, what do you say about the bedroom tax now, l know it is bad but then l am a socialist, what is your take on it now you lot have beaten it, the only consolation for the rest of the country is that only Sheffield is doing it, the rest have more sense.
    Brian W

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