20mph Zone Planned For Charnock

Proposals put forward by the South East Community Assembly for a 20mph zone in Charnock were approved by the Cabinet Highways Committee at it’s meeting last week. Residents have been calling for traffic calming measures for many years across the Charnock area and Labour Councillors McGowan, Fox and Lodge were successful last year in securing funding for a feasibility study to be carried out. The South East Community Assembly proposed the Charnock scheme as it’s preferred option that was considered at last week’s meeting. Although the scheme is programmed for installation in 2013/14 during the upgrade to the areas’s roads and pavements as part of the Streets Ahead project, this is a significant step forward in delivering road safety improvements and reducing speeds in the estate.  The zone will focus drivers attention on the speed limit through gateway signage and repeater messages rather than engineering solutions such as humps and cushions.

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