Birley Councillors Back Star Campaign for Improved Road Safety

Cllrs Bryan Lodge, Denise Fox and Karen McGowan at the junction of Thornbridge Drive and Avenue

Birley Councillors Karen McGowan, Bryan Lodge and Denise Fox are calling for action to improve road safety around the Birley Campus. Parents are concerned about the safety of their children in crossing  Thornbridge Drive to get to Birley Primary School on the campus and have asked their councillors for help to improve it. Inconsiderate parking in the area is making it very difficult for children to cross safely and the junction has been without a crossing patrol warden for some time. “This is a very busy road in the mornings as parents bring their children to the Birley Nursery, Birley Primary school and to the Birley Community College. The road is also a bus route and all these factors are combining to make it an extremely busy junction” said Cllr Karen McGowan. “I’ve met with an officer from the council’s Road Safety service and some of the parents on site recently and seen the problems first hand. It would be great to see a ‘Lollypop’ warden back on this junction and we’re working with the Council to try to recruit someone. We’d like to make the appeal through the Star for anyone interested in taking on the role, or if they know someone who might be interested, to please get in touch”. The Star’s campaign to improve road safety around schools highlighted parents concerns around the Birley Campus. Inconsiderate parking blocks junctions, narrows roads and reduces visibility, making it difficult for all pedestrians. “But it’s not just school children who are affected by this behaviour” added Cllr Bryan Lodge “all three councillors are regularly contacted by residents who find their drives blocked, verges churned up and generally inconvenienced at school start and finish times. The schools regularly remind parents about exercising care and consideration”.  Previous measures that included the installation of calming measures and a one way system have made some improvements but the volume of traffic continues to generate concerns. Cllr Denise Fox commented “We are hopeful that the new entrance to the rebuilt Community College that is being taken off Birley Lane will ease some of the problems, and we’re asking that signs to warn motorists of the schools be erected on the surrounding roads. But the biggest problem remains that of parents and their parking. Birley isn’t unique in this respect and that’s why Karen, Bryan and I are happy to add our support to The Star’s campaign to improve road safety for all children across the city”.

2 Replies to “Birley Councillors Back Star Campaign for Improved Road Safety”

  1. People have been asking for speed bumps on Thornbridge Drive for years, because they’re clearly the only thing that would slow people down. There was a petition once – it didn’t make any difference.

    And why not have legal parking restrictions near the School and on Thornbridge Drive, between say 8.30am-9.15am and 2.45pm-3.30pm? People will only stop being inconsiderate, if there is a real consequence to their actions.

  2. James, many thanks for taking the time to comment and for the suggestions. We will be discussing further with the Highways team about what can be done and will feed in these comments. Part of the problem lies in the enforcement of any parking restrictions as the council’s parking services Civilian Enforcement Officers (CEO’s) do attend but when drivers see them, they drive off. Currently, to issue a Penalty Charge Notice, it has to be issued to the driver or affixed to the vehicle. The council are investing in mobile cameras that can record the offence and issue a ticket through the post. Hopefully, this will act as more of a deterrent to inconsiderate parking and improve safety for kids around all schools.

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