Frecheville Pond – lets keep it free of Litter

Whilst visiting Frecheville Pond yesterday to support the new café that has opened on Friday. I noticed how full the litter bins are. I have reported these through for emptying but credit must be given to Ruth from the café who is taking responsibility for helping to keep the area clean. She has placed an additional bin to help prevent the litter being dropped on the floor. It is now down to the local users of the space to ensure we use the bins available and to look after this unique and much loved open space right in the heart of our community.

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  1. I am regularly contacting the Council about the litter bin on Heathfield Road. It is often not emptied for days and the bin is overflowing.

  2. Hi Sally

    Thank you for reporting this through. We are having some new bin sensors (for bins on the Highway) which will then notify staff when a bin is half full. I have asked that when we get them a senor be placed on the Heathfielfd Road bin and hopefully this will help alleviate the issues.

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