Police Update on Local Anti-Social Behaviour Issues

Birley Ward Councillors have been informed by the police that following a number of incidents of anti social behaviour over recent weeks in the Frecheville and Woodhouse area, they have now issued a number of formal warnings to individuals involved.
These warnings have been issued under the anti social behaviour legislation and they will be monitoring the behaviour of these individuals over the next 12 months. The formal warnings issued are dependant on the age of the individual, the level of their involvement in the behaviour and whether we have previously dealt with them for other incidents.

The police understand that some incidents reported are of a criminal nature and they will always seek to prosecute where there is sufficient evidence of an offence along with positive identification of those involved.

South Yorkshire Police work closely with Sheffield City Council and Housing Associations to tackle anti social and criminal behaviour. They have been notified of these warnings and as a result this may affect the tenancies of any individuals involved.
Over the coming weeks, we will be working with Sheffield Council sending letters to residents in the Woodhouse area with information on how to report types of anti social behaviour

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