Thank you to Litter Pickers

Everytime I take a walk round my local area (Birley Ward) I am heartened to see the fantastic work done by the volunteer litter pickers. The Birley ward councillors would like to thank all those who volunteer to pick up litter and keep our communities clean and make it a great place to live. There are 1000’s of volunteers who are continuing to do this work in these difficult times across the city and you are all doing a great job. We especially want to thank those in our ward such as Hackenthorpe Litter Pickers, Charnock Litter Pickers and the Friends of the Craggs as well as those individuals that are not part of an organization but do their bit whenever they are out and about. Thank you we really do appreciate all your efforts.

Councillor Bryan Lodge
Councillor Karen McGowan
Councillor Denise Fox

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