Streets Ahead Highways Maintenance

The city council announced the award of a £2.2billion contract to Amey recently to manage the city’s highways maintenance for the next 25 years. This means that every road, and footpath will be treated to deliver a renewed and smoother surface, new or improved energy efficient street lighting provided on every road, work done on highways trees to reduce ‘nuisance’, street furniture such as railings, signs, etc renewed and all traffic signals updated. “I launched the council’s bid for this scheme when I first became a cabinet member back in 2006” saidBryan. “I’ve been closely involved in this scheme throughout it’s development so I’m really pleased by the recent announcement that work will start later in the summer. The next five and a half years will see major work across the city so we’ll be working with Amey to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum and everyone is made aware of when their area will see the work start.”

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  1. the council says it has no money yet gives billions to a private company!!!! and they’re doing this while closing down old peoples homes etc. why can not the money be spent by the council on employing council workeres?!? we should be told where this magic money has come from, and why LABOUR is using it on EVERY road, even those done up recently

    will councillor lodge give us the ANSWERS? or can he not???


  2. The money for the highways project is coming from central government. The previous Labour government invited local authorities across the country to express interest in participating in a PFI scheme to renew highways. The bid has taken close to six years to reach the mobilisation stage and has been subject to a very detailed and technichal assessment process. I think it’s no secret that investment is desperately needed for our highways network and the bid received support from the Labour, Lib Dem and Tory parties who were represented on the council at the time of the bid being submitted. Amey will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the highways network for the next 25 years. Work will be done where it is needed. This may be resurfacing or it may require a more intrusive repair; the surveys that have been undertaken have identified what is needed in each location. Suffice to say, roads that are already at a good standard will not need as much done in the initial investment period. The government’s scheme is structured in such a way that the the grant is only made available to private contractors and is not available to local authority ‘in house’ maintenance teams. The investment is money that is specific to the highways network and cannot be used for other services. Tough decisions have had to be taken on the council budget with a reduced spend of £80m last year and a further £56m taken out of the current financial year’s budget. This is the background to the decisions taken. I accept that not everyone will agree with all of the decisions. However, I’d stress that no decisions were taken lightly and it is with regret that any services have to face cuts.

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