Streets Ahead Scheme Feedback Survey

The Streets Ahead Scheme in Sheffield is the city wide highways maintenance project currently upgrading the condition of the city’s roads, pavements, street lights, bridges and other items on or around the streets.


A feedback survey has been re-launched with the aim of asking residents what they think about the upgrades that have been carried out across the city so far.


This survey is open until the 7th October with the results available in late Autumn.


All the team at the Streets Ahead are interested in any feedback you want to share.


You can complete the survey in less than 10 minutes at the following link:



2 Replies to “Streets Ahead Scheme Feedback Survey”

  1. I will offer this to all our councillors,not as a submission that they are doing anything wrong,but more the fact that with all the 8 and 8 a route disruptions that have been horrific over the past few weeks. They need to get to grips with the First bus company and then agree a written agreements when the diversions start and finish and the timing of these diversions and the days that the diversions will apply..Over the last couple of weeks passengers have been walking to the selected routes only for certain drivers doing what they want and telling passengers on the buses,no one has told us.l am aware that sometimes temporary stops are left out giving the impression that part of the route will be used and it wasn’t.There really needs to be some form of understanding between the bus company,the road repair company for the benefit of all bus passengers,l am, in this instance arguing for our overall area but the same must surely happen in other areas having major road works.My understanding is that the road works must inform certain agencies before they start work,if this is the case, then is the time to get concrete plans and have officers from the bus companies and maybe the council to ensure the companies are made to adhere to what they have signed up for,after all its the passengers that keep the buses running,irrespective be they use passes or cash,money still flows to the bus companies.
    Yours sincerely
    BRIAN W.

  2. Dear sirs why are tree roots bringing up the pavements in the Ballifield area also blocking drains in which raw sewage is coming up through my neighbours garden.the council has just taken the concrete flag up and just put more cement under to stop from breaking from the tree root .This is now a trip hazard +the roots are now breaking my path and also coming near to my front wall of my house .D.may and K.moxon have looked at this and said it’s ok that things are breaking and there not bothered about our property either so now I am hoping that you could have a look yourself as this doesn’t really feel right. Yours faithfully Peter Ridsdale homeowner of 11 Ballifield place handsworth many thanks

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