Birley Ward Stall at the Basegreen Shops – 10th September

Your Birley Ward Councillors will be holding a stall outside the shops at Basegreen, Jaunty Way on 10th September between 10am and 12 noon.  Everyone is welcome to stop by for a chat as we want to:


  • Talk to as many local residents as possible


  • Provide more information on the recently formed Environmental Group and their plans of a litter pick in October in Jaunty Park.


  • Offer Crime Prevention Packs to residents who haven’t previously received one from the supply we have left.


  • Answer any questions you may have on whats happening in your local area


If you are free and interested in coming along, we want to encourage everyone to come and talk about any of the above issues, any other others you may have, and share all ideas on what we can do in the community.

3 Replies to “Birley Ward Stall at the Basegreen Shops – 10th September”

  1. Nice to see a lot of acquaintances that l haven’t see for a while,unfortunately the weather didn’t help matters.All our local councillors Karen Mcgowan,Bryan Lodge and Our current Lady Mayoress Denise Fox were hard at it distributing the goodies on offer.Also present as usual on the local events was our M.P. Clive Betts.

    One thing that always surfaces at these local events are missed services when the locals can ear bash the councillors about.This has a two way aspect as it usually gets the service done while at the same time gives the councillors information about services that are falling down and need a kick start.l was impressed by the effort put in by the elected people present,Clive explaining the problems of the current situation and the councillors beavering away in between the rain showers trying to get shoppers interested in the many items and leaflets on offer.l even managed a black shopping bag and a pen,both courtesy of Thompson solicitors.
    Apart from the rain which was wet and cold everyone present did there utmost to show the shoppers at Base Green who there local councillors and Member of Parliament were.
    I enjoyed it immensely,watching the councillors and MP at work and meeting Karens’ dad for the first time and a warrior from many years ago Ken Curran snr and also some l don’t think l had met before but all in all it was good exercise,pity about the weather. Thank you to all who were involved.
    Yours Sincerely
    Brian W.
    11 September 2016
    Brian W.

  2. It was very good on saturday september 10th at Basegreen Shops &
    nice to meet up once again With Brian Whitfield.Its a shame some of our new members were not present to experience a bit of Campaign work and public engagement. In a democracy it is not enough to just expound what we think, we have to listen to others.
    If we are to win the next general election we shall need as many
    people as possible to engage with the electors. The lessons of the
    past tell us Rallies and Marches alone will not win Elections.We
    have to engage with the doubtful, and those who never vote.
    We shall have to convince people the NHS and all community care
    services are on the brink of collapse. We shall have to convince people Labour can and will rectify the damage which is currently being inflicted upon the weakest and poorest. Join us!

  3. Good to see the end of the first part of Jeremy Corbyn part one.Part 2 should be on how the front bench gets picked,part 3 could be who is in or who is out.Now that the election is done with no doubt the press will be all out to stir up the juicy bits bits and no doubt they will find plenty.l wonder how many of the ones that voted against Corbyn in the vote of no confidence will eat humble pie and succumb.No matter what is promised, anything not written down is fraught with danger as there is TOO MUCH AT STAKE, “The whole of the Labour party.l can’t see anything good coming out of the next few weeks. It’s very well Jeremy saying we have all got to work together,perhaps if that had happened 12 months ago the party wouldn’t be in the mess we are now.Certainly a lot of heads need knocking together but some things,said in the heat of a moment can take years to wear off and sometimes it never goes away and l would hazard a guess many of the 170 odd will fall into the latter category.l can see a lot of back stabbing going on which cannot be good or healthy for our party.Sitting on the opposition benches listening to the Tories taking more and more from the poor end of the wage scale and giving the filthy rich bigger and better tax hand outs.That is where we want to be, getting the Tories into opposition and give them back a lot of doses of what we have had FROM the Tories, So come on all you Labour MP s think of why you are in London and get our party sorted out and the next job will be to sort out the Tories and get back into power and look after your supporters and voters,arguing amongst yourselves will get you nowhere and make the party a joke and unelectable for quite a long while.
    Sincere hopes from BRIAN W…

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