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  1. With so many elections,ballots and referendums going onits no small thing if individuals not normally involved wonder what on hell is going on.Watching the daily news broadcasts one can but wonder why we are not all brain damaged.Some of the things that the corporate managers senior members of parliament and other presenters slipping there favourite in/ out piece in as though noone notices it.About a month ago l happened to pick up on a statement and since then l have heard it repeated virtually every time someone starts spouting about the referendum and it is “could or would” never once are they specific.Me l am wanting to get out so we can start running our own country,making our own laws on who we can deport without having to ask the unelected in Brussels.The latest today is we could have a war if we vote OUT,if that was going to happen it would have been the Ukraine episode.If the truth is known l doubt that anyone has all the answers but scaremongering isn’t going to help.Prior to 1970 we traded with the world and from tit bits picked up a lot of that trade will still be there,Australia,Canada,New Zealand,non of these are in Europe and want our trade but at present we have to go through EU and that costs us more.I am 80 years old and was voting to join the Common Market when it started but very subtlely changes were made that the man in the street didn’t know what was happening and before we knew it we were hooked by the Germans and French,they had it all sewn up.We are giving billions of pounds for nothing except helping to bail out the poorer nations while this government bring in the bedroon tax,start ripping the heart out of Council services and making Great Britain a nation of part time workers with many companies deciding how many jobs are they going to shed to be able to afford to pay the minimum wage,and one of the inponderables is Why are the Tories still getting elected,are we that bad.Yours sincerely Brian W

  2. l don’t know what anyone reading this must think about the situation/s we COULD get into if we vote one way or the other at the up and coming referendum.From some of the rubbish we have been bombarded with it would appear we COULD be going to war,COULD starve to death,COULD have no more countries wanting to trade with us,Also the possibility of a nation out of work.I would like to see the structured evidence for and against any of the claptrap being dished out by the hardliners.I am voting to get out and using what god put between my ears,how l think and how l see the situation and until a platform of for and against so called experts can prove there specific claims then l will do what l do best 24hours a day 365 days a year and l have reached 80years and 9 months.All of that time l have had various governments trying to persuade me to do one thing or the other,yes l look at the options and use my OWN judgement to come to the conclusion that l consider suits me best,that decision may not be perfect but its mine.Anyone who is undecided you can of course abstain but as in all elections if you don’t vote you have no say in what happens after,thats sods law,take it or leave it.My advice to anyone who shops,works,has retired,do what YOU think is right for you and your family,if you have one,but don’t be browbeaten by the those with all the power,they have an agenda and it certainly will not be for you or your family.
    yours sincerely Brian W.

  3. Glad that round one of the Jeremy Corbyn saga is over,no doubt there will be other parts to this unnecessary saga.
    Heard plenty of cheap talk from the leadership and also the MPS about conciliation, only hope that the ones dealing in this subject really understand what it entails.
    Bearing in mind some of the nasty things said and done.The threats made to MPs have a lasting impression upon the receiver,these are not easily forgotten.I really think that the big hitters in the party get to grips and try to remove those involved irrespective of position within the party.The Labour party have had and always will have a diverse interest in many aspects that do not necessarily match another person’s view of the world, so what,if you want all the members to say,think ,do the same you need to employ robots,humans are not built that way especially when and where politics are involved.I do really hope that following the latest leadership round common sense prevails.
    My big fear is that Jeremy may be asked to give up too much of his principles,but after all if he is calling for conciliation he also needs to understand that he is also as involved as all his MPS.
    Don’t know what odds the bookies are laying on some form of agreements being reached following the party conference l would think that loads of arm twisting will be required and even that may not be sufficient to bring the party back together and suitable to fight an election after all having plenty of personal fans as Jeremy does is small beer when set against the millions of voters in a general election and at present we couldn’t win any thing let alone a general election and that has got to be the ambition for the party and the whole of supporters and voters alike.We need to put the Tories back where they deserve to be,right at the bottom of a sewer pit for what they have done over the past 6 years,
    We need to quickly do what Labour has never fully done and that is to reverse every law that tied trade unions hands,reversed all the tax give aways to the very well off,scrap the bedroom tax and get stuck into the private lettings and curtail the scandalous rents they charge,but that you Labour MPs needs you to get your act together and work as a team who were elected to help the population of the poorest.
    GET TO IT LADS AND LASSES you can do it
    Yours sincerely BRIAN W.

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