Thursday 5th May is Voting Day

Thursday 5th May is the chance for Sheffield residents to use their voice (well feet) to come out and vote in the city wide elections.


We hope the residents of Birley, Charnock, Frecheville and Hackenthorpe will support your local Labour party and help us continue to make our community better for all.

45 Replies to “Thursday 5th May is Voting Day”

  1. At the time of writing there is 2 hours to go before polling ends. If you read this before 10pm and have not voted, you still have time to do your duty and vote. I do not deny that I am biased, what
    I fail to understand is the fact that we have we have a choice on
    the Ballot Paper, yet it is only the Labour Candidates who ensure
    every house on the register receives an election address. Why people vote for candidates who cannot be bothered to produce an
    election address amazes me. It is an insult to the electorate for
    candidates to get themselves nominated yet deny electors the opportunity of having any idea what these people stand for!If one of these individuals does get elected, I for one shall be
    demanding a statement of their intentions while a Councillor in order they can be held to account for their actions. I would hope others would join me in seeking accountability!

  2. Massive labour stronghold is Sheffield (Hallam wards aside) any tom dick harry hang red rosette round their neck they get elected so other parties think why bother wasting money agreed its not good PR on their part by its just simple economics…btw i voted for Tom Dick and Harry and Alan Billings lol cheers.

  3. Electorate: 12,959

    Votes cast: 9,430

    Turnout: 74.88%
    So maybe its a bit harder for Tom Dick and Harry than i previously suggested.Well done Labour all over the UK.

  4. In response to Jonathan, it is not all down to simple economics
    although a factor.Politics requires commitment 52 Weeks of the
    year and not just when the sun shines. Labour’s Candidates do not
    choose themselves, they are chosen by ordinary party members.
    The candidates have to demonstrate their attributes and a willingness to work in their communities with groups who it is
    felt contribute to both the Social and Economic well being of our
    City. Finally it is very hard work,and not one where anybody gets
    rich on it, nor is it a calling where you can satisfy everybody!
    Often due to circumstances outside of council control they are
    forced to take unpopular decisions.

  5. Extremely happy for our 3 councillors getting re-elected.It’s been a lomg hard slog with ot too mantpy rewards at the end of it.l was married to a labour councillor for 27 years and it was hard work even in those days.In todays world of local politics for some unk own reason the Tories savage local budgets and tgen complain about them.l sincerely hope that once we get back into government the Labour hierarchy savage the well off the way the Tories have savaged our poor people.Well done to our 3 councillors,Karen,Denise and Bryan,you know how hard it is going to be but you all stepped up to the plate and that is very refreshing,knowing that the going is going to be probably tougher as Cameron and Osbourne try to reshape Britain.Brian W..

  6. In response to Kenneth Curran This from Nov 2015 maybe this guy was a rare exception then.
    Cllr Jim McMahon, the Labour candidate in the Oldham West and Royton by-election, is among the highest paid councillors in the country – picking up £81,598 in allowances funded by Council Taxpayers.

  7. Jonathon I do not no whether or not Cllr Jim Mcmahon is a rare
    exception or not because I have not sort to find out. It does seem
    a high figure,he is not just a Ward councillor however he happens
    to be the leader of Salford City Council. While the amount any
    public official receives is important to know. The persons that
    official serves has the right to challenge. In the case of Jim McMahon they can vote him out of office if they are so inclined.
    Of course being a Cllr is an important job taking very serious
    decisions. If Jonathon or anyone thinks Councillors should work for
    peanuts, then they will end up getting the kind of Councillors they deserve. Regards Ken

  8. Hi Ken,you may know my former wife Councillor Rae Whitfieldmcouncillor for Brightside for around 12 years in the 80s and 90s.Rae was an exceptional councillor for Brightside.At the same time l was a shop steward then Convenor on Sheffield City Council.It was hard work for Rae as the people of Brightside needed strong councillors and Rae wae strong.Many days she came home completelt worn out.Anyone contemplating having a go at being a councillor especially nowadays needs lots of heart and stamina.In a recent blog on this site l commended all tge Birley councillors for going ahead with re-election knowing what was in front of them from this non caring Tory government.Every penny they draw they earn
    yours sincerely,Brian Whitfield Basegreen.

  9. Hi Brian. I thought I Knew you. Yes I knew Your Rae she was quite
    a character, her and her little dog who became quite famous in its own right. It was at every demonstration. Rae was a great lass, a
    great spirit and fighter for the under dog. The vast majority of
    people do not realise the level of commitment Councillors have to
    have if they are to a decent Job. Too many of the public have
    become cynical of politicians because of the Expenses Scandals
    in Parliament. The innocent Politicians have to suffer the cynical
    criticism of the public because of those which were fiddling the
    system. Our Councillors to a good job, this is an extremely difficult time for Councillors who have to try and manage the
    City with constant interference from Westminster.Kind regards Ken. Frecheville

  10. The Environment page has almost been pushed aside by other issues
    such as the Local Elections and Demonstrations over jobs etc; now
    we are moving towards the Referendum over the EU. All of the subjects that appear on this page have merit. In my opinion no
    issue is as important as the Environment.Yesterday the World Health
    Organisation announced the result of a World Wide Survey, it reports that Air Pollution across the planet has risen 8% over the past 5years. Dr Maria Neira, Director of Public Health at the World Health Organisation in Geneva states “We have a public
    health emergency in many countries.Air pollution continues to rise at an alarming rate,wreaking havoc on human health.Outdoor
    air pollution causes more than 3Million deaths a year-more than
    malaria, HIV/Aids-and is now the biggest single killer in the world.” Source The World Health Organisation.
    We all need to do more to reduce pollution before we create the
    conditions which renders life impossible.We must heed the warnings and respond appropriately. Regards Ken Curran Snr.

  11. Hi Ken,dead right,just because we are hundreds of miles away from most of the nadty illnesses that befall some countries,the airlines of today shrink the whole of the world so that really we are all next door neighbours.Only yesterday Jess Ennis or her coach was on about the illness hitting the city of Brazil where the olynpics are to be held.Jess is rightfully worried about her future pregnancy as and when she decides.As a young lady so she should be after what has bee potyrayed on our telivisions for yonks.But lurking all over the world are viruses just waiting to take a hold.Also another iten that needs a lot of thought is with all the immigrants now invading our shores,irrespective of views of whether or not they should be coming is a more serious element how many are being tested for illnesses or diseases that could be catastrophic to our people who may never have come up against the types of viruses and have no immunity against them.It seems to me that everyone is money mad but as Ken mentioned cast your minds back just a few months and a lot of people were shaking in there boots,the black death once put us in our place and there are deseases waiting for there chance,who will central government blame for that,once the door is open its anyones guess.
    Brian W

  12. As the various arguments flow back and forth in the Euro Referendum
    none of the combatants refer to environmental issues. For example
    over the past couple of years the Bee Population across Europe has
    been reduced by about half. The bee is vital to us, it pollenates
    our fruit, vegetables, wheat, & Barley and also produce Honey.
    Without Bee’s we probably couldn’t live without them. You will
    probably never read about this stuff in the SUN, Daily Mail,
    Daily Express or Daily Mirror they are to busy poking their noses
    into peoples private lives, and knowing who is sleeping with who,
    to concern themselves about an issue which is a potential threat
    to humanity. As the old song Go’s. It is Folly to be wise,when ignorance is bliss! It should be the signature tune of the Gutter Press. Regards Ken Curran Snr;

  13. WE all go on about the referendum abd shudder zt some of the far fetched remarks coming from all corners.We,the people whose country this is are generally waiting and thinking for someone to give them the elixir to solve there problem so they can cast there vote.Unfortunately no one person has got that elixir l am 100% certain just like asking a doctor how long he will live.All the are guesses,some probably better than another but nevertheless still a guess.If all the high up people were told,make your prediction and make an unreversable statement to resign from there respective position,l am certain the stupid remarks will quickly dry up.Think of what you have seen, heard,read,the promises that have been broken by politicians,who but the working class have been the prominent people feeling the thin edge of all the cuts in services, benefits, when the well off and very well of were raking it in as usual.Can you remember the Cameron lie.”WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER”,the only thing we are in is usually found in fields.Just assume that the vote goes to “stay in” we have no power ever again to challenge Europe and they will walk all over us.This try has taken over 40 years but in the next few years Germany,France and others will have stitched up like kippers.The unelected moguls in Europe will bleed us dry,can you think of what more stupid interference they are getting into dictating what kettles we can have and while we have politicians without the backbone to tell them where to go this stupidity will continue as it has for a lump over 40 years but if the out vote fails Europe will give it us thick and fast.We won 2 world wars and lost many many brave people both fighting people and civilians so why oh why should we kowtow to these moguls who are screwing us for billions of pounds a year when our struggling to stay afloat,homecare services are skint and just because companies have been told they must pay a meagre minimum wage they are contemplating laying off or sacking staff to pay the ones who are left.Get out of Europe and we will have the money to fund our downtrodden N.H.S and hope the Tories revolt and get shut of Cameron and Osborne.
    yours sincerely Brian W

  14. I wish to inform readers of this blog of my action regarding air
    quality. In 2015 8 local authorities with the co-operation of the
    Local Government Association took the Government to the Supreme
    Court claiming the government were not introducing the recommended
    measures to bring down the levels of Nitrogen Oxide to meet the
    EU Agreed limits. Sheffield has among the highest levels in the UK.
    The Supreme Court Found in favour of the Local Authorities and that
    the Government had been negligent and instructed them to urgently
    bring forward new plans to address this issue. Nitrogen Oxide is
    mainly produced by Diesel Engines, it is invisable and lies close to the ground not rising above around 76.200 cm Young Children & Dogs Cats etc; are the most vulnerable. Deaths as
    a result of Air pollution are higher than those of Malaria.Aids,
    Cancer,and Cholera put together. I have therefore written to the
    Minister for the Environment Liz Truss asking for her to give the public a date as to when the new regulations shall be introduced to protect Public Health. I have informed Local MPs of my action. Regards Ken Curran.

  15. If you are waking up in the mornings with a sore throat or feeling
    short of breath & difficulty breathing it is probably due to the
    high levels of Nitrogen Oxide in the atmosphere. For Sheffield to
    reduce the levels of NOx in the air to comply with the prescribed health based EU limit values would require a 30% reduction in the
    levels of Nitrogen Oxide. Nitrogen Oxide is a killer, it is produced by diesel engines on Buses, Lorries, Taxis and Private
    Cars. You should Email Your Councillor, Member of Parliament.
    Lizz Truss Environment Minister-email CLEAN AIR IS A HUMAN RIGHT!

  16. Further to my warnings on air pollution another potential hazard may be in the offing. The granting of a licence to extract (shale
    gas) in North Yorkshire at Kirby Misperton. If you have followed
    my earlier blogs on this subject you will be aware of the fact we
    in Birley Ward is in a potential fracking area. I would have expected greater concern being shown by local people than has been the case. Perhaps I am wrong in thinking that perhaps Sheffield United &
    Sheffield Wednesday & Coronation Street are far more important than
    the environment. Ken Curran Snr;


  18. It is over 10 days since anything was posted on the Birley Labour
    Party Environmental Debate page, Our Local Womenfolk were invited
    to put some of their opinions forward. The Labour Party is keen
    to give women a real say in how the City and Country is being run.
    So far women have borne the brunt of the Cuts in Services, Jobs and
    Wages. They also carry the main burden of caring. WHY DON’T Women
    DEMAND A BILL OF RIGHTS FOR WOMEN! It was Abraham Lincoln who

  19. Well the closing date for the IN/OUT ballot is getting closer and closer,you can tell by the lies that Osborne and Cameron are coming out with.Did you hear the discussion when following the latest boats being spied off the Kent coast,it comes out that lots of EMPTY boats have been seen in earlier months,it makes one wonder just how many of these immigrants have got in this way and how many of these are just lying low to spring an attack on our country.and more to the point it does ‘t seem as though anyone is really bothered,is this what we elect any government no matter what color they are,they are elected to protect us and not be solely comcerned about keeping there bank balance in the millions that is exactly as l see it,this mob are trying to safegard there assets and they don’t give 2 monkeys for the rest of us,I AM VOTING OUT because its only going to get a lot worse if we stop in and Why is our leader going hand in hand with the opposition,big,big mistake,dont trust the enemy and Cameron is certainly that.
    BRIAN W.

  20. I am sorry Brian, I stand on the opposite side of the fence on the
    issue of Europe.As a Socialist I am an internationalist and there-
    fore seek the friendship and co-operation of people across the
    world.Without that Co-operation we isolate ourselves from the rest.
    If the UK votes to leave the EU, the United Kingdom as we have
    known it will disintergrate. Scotland will call for a Referendum
    to leave the UK and Join Europe, that could be followed by the
    Welsh Assembly. That could leave England and Northern Ireland,
    Northern Ireland is already divided along religious lines. A decision to leave Europe will aggravate all of the existing
    divisions among the Ulster people the consequences could be terrible and lead to Civil War. Think again. Regards Kenneth R. Curran

  21. I see our friend Mr Dawes has returned to scene to give us the
    benefit of his Political wisdom, of course it is easy to shout from
    the side line and tell the Teams on the field how the game should
    be played. The Birley Labour Party Blog provides Mr Dawes with a
    platform to be not just critical of individuals but display’s a
    cynical disregard of the facts. He has chosen the serious war’s in
    Middle East to vent his anger upon members of the Labour Party. If
    Mr Dawes has the answer to the problems of the Middle East he should be prepared to tell us how he would solve the conflicts which have ravaged the Middle East for generations.If Mr Dawes is seriously concerned about these conflicts he should put his proposals down so that we could read and if needs be evaluate the quality of his proposals. Shouting from the touchline never
    influences the outcome of the game. Kenneth R. Curran

    Regards. Kenneth R.Curran

  23. I got fed up listening to the flavour of the moment Article 50.l would offer some advice………somewhere in this very important document MUST one would think is the actual operation.From what l have seen and heard this probably is not the case.Yes! we have decided to exit the EU and unfortunately we were the first so there is no evidence to explain the sequence.
    Either a gross over confidence that no country would ever want to leave.From where l stand it seems as though the mandarins in Brussels think they can bully us as a though we are children and it is about time the realise it was this holier than thou attitude finally caused our people to vote the way they did.The unelected in Brussels have all the power and the MEPs just make up the numbers and make it all seem democratic.So please, all you who contested our referendum accepy the democratic result stop arguing with one another and make GREAT BRITAIN the greatest country in EUROPE.We are going to have to listen to all those who voted the other way but cast your minds back to local or General elections,how many times are we disappointed with those results,every time millions are disappointed,,but if you want democracy that is what you get.The name of the game is don’t panic we will all waken up one morning one nice morning and wonder what all the fuss was about.Just one final question……. Will we go back to the following ponds shillings and pence,feet and inches,pounds and ounces and all the other metric equivalents we had forced on us.
    Do not understand the Scotland situation,there vote was just part of the whole and just because it was in Scotland everyone there didn’t vote the same,it was like parts of England and Wales,the result was Yes or no all in one pot winner take all,l didn’t see a separate deal fro Scotland,York and Harrogate voted the same, can they ask for Independence? as well,the mind boggles……..We ALL have to work together and things will work out,time is the big healer.
    Brian W

  24. l am aware that this is not politics but neither was it football.When l played football the usual idea was to get the ball into your opponents half.It appears that England play a different way,when the ball is in the opponents half they keep on passing the ball backwards.Losing to a side that the whole of the country have the population of Leicester.What a shambles it was an utter disgrace by a load of prima donnas.I wonder if England will ask for a replay until they win,,,l think l have heard that somewhere before,in fact quite recently.
    Brian W

  25. What on earth is going on with the parliamentary party.Someone is very aware of the reasons for this big fallout.Obviously people are unhappy with the performance of our leader but 80% of the P.L.P voting for a vote of no confidence from zero is quite a big jump,even for the Labour party.If someone is being naughty they want outing straight away.l am not too happy with Jeremy but l am 200 miles away, so what really happened.l suppose we will find out one day but in the meantime we have the Brexit to negotiate,not as a free for all but to apply what the out voters voted for, not some airy fairy deal.From listening to various Tory contestants the immigration part will be a central issue which even they don’t agree to.We used to have a saying”they want there heads knocking together”.
    For me the sooner the better,we need a fighting Labour party to take up the fight in the commons otherwise we will get slaughtered,l have noticed some big Labour names keeping there heads down during this period,l wonder why.
    Brian W

  26. Been watching the sorry state of affairs with well paid members of parliament who chose a certain path in the recent referendum.Starting with Cameron who should have stayed until a new TORY leader was elected.When l was younger we had a phrase for what he did and it was shi…..up the stick,
    usually aimed at someone who couldn’t stand the heat, otherwise ducking there responsibility.l can see no reason why any repeat any of the big names resigned when the policy they decided to champion either won or lost.Life goes on and jumping ship is the main thing that causes problems in the money markets and gives claims to the trouble causers that the ones jumping ship knew
    they were wrong.
    Without having any favourites top marks for those who have stood up for the election of the Torys and at least have shown backbone,l cannot stand them,but at least they have stood up to be counted.
    This conduct also tells Europe and other countries that we had nothing in reserve if the intended vote winner To stay in actually lost as we now know it did,this gives other people lots of information that we really do not need to give them.The negotiations will be very dirty in some areas and we will need all the ammo we have got.We have got past part one,the next part will be dependant on our negotiators but even they will need to be wide awake for dirty tricks.
    Brian W.

  27. l spent an hour watching the Chilcot report this morning,it was pretty obvious that somewhere along the line we were coaxed into something that was a figment in some peoples imagination.l was looking at a couple of young mothers who had lost there sons in that conflict.What struck me was that just like the recent Europe referendum there was no fallback position,ie,what to do when the fighting was over.Lets hope the leaders and potential leaders learn from these mistakes,nothing lasts for ever and a thought out endgame is always required.
    Brian W.

  28. l don’t very often speak highly of any conservative dead or alive but today all my birthdays have come on 13th of July 2016 and my bireal birthday has yet to come.
    Theresa May has done in one beautiful got rid of the coniving,lying pair of Cameron and Osborne and even better Mardy arse Osborne has resigned from the Government and been relegated to the back benches.l would like to bet he has been out and bought some darts and a large figure of the new Prime Minister and spends all night throwing the darts at the new Prime Minister l would bet that the sickly smirk he always wears when he is putting the boot into the poor and those on benefits will be missing.Poor old George lost his job and lost the chance to be the Prime Minister,l couldn’t be any more happy for him,ha ha ha ha,it does prove that if you wish for something long enough it just might happen.
    Brian W

  29. l am totally confused by the position the Labour party has boxed itself into.l saw the outcome of the NEC meeting that ended 14 18 in favour of Jeremy Corbyn,if that was right how come experienced MPs were convinced that all MPs need 20% before they could stand for the leadership battle.Surely this should be easily available for everyone to see (obviously not the case)most strange.
    Hypothetically if Jeremy wins and the MPs who voted against him in the vote of “No Confidence
    decide they still feel the same way”What happens next”.Surely apart from putting the Party to ridicule over the arguing period,are the rules specific enough to stop this happening again because the exact thing could well repeat itself a lot sooner than we might think.If the rules are written down and are difficult to understand that is a bad rule and wants re-writing except if it is written that way so that the NEC has to get involved,if so this makes it a much worse law that needs scrapping.The time it took to come to a decision makes one wonder,if it is/was clear then 10 minutes is all it should have taken.
    Brian W.

  30. l have been captivated this last few days with all the will we won’t we with the proposed nuclear power station that the Chinese and French are proposing building for us.Repeatedly l hear the argument that we must have this and we cannot have that in the argument over Nuclear against fossil fuels.My simple brain tells me that we have donkeys years of supply of fossil fuels but need the technology to make it cleaner for the environment against the nuclear which may be cleaner but deadly if anything goes wrong.Also by inviting other countries to build a type of nuclear reactor for us that is in use nowhere in the world seems crazy and on top of that the price is daylight robbery and more to the point we will be held to gun point by the Chinese who l think are not considered a very nice bedfellow.
    We have the brains in this country to develop the technology to go forward without nuclear power,remember Chernobyl and latterly the explosion in Japan.
    There are good versions of the ideas developed in Scotland and Wales of using the power of water,mountains and turbines.Yes this will cost lots of money but it will be ours not Chinese or French and it will take time,but so will building a nuclear power plant
    I am fed up selling our country to the foreign countries who start waving big cheque books and bit by bit they are buying our country till eventually we own nothing in it,this is a long way above selling the family silver,this is tantamount to selling our souls,DON’T GET CHINESE/FRENCH NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY OR THERE VERY,VERY EXPENSIVE LOANS as one debt usually leads to another loan to pay off the other loan,etc,etc,etc.
    Brian W

  31. Jeremy Corbyn having to go through a totally unnecessary leadership campaign well erm actually if anything the crowds turning out to hear him speak are even bigger than last year reaffirmation being rubbed in the noses of the 172 traitors in the PLP of Jeremy Corbyn’s connection with and popularity with people testament to the amount of “U turns” in front bench Tory policy that JC and his allies like John Mcdonnell have forced in the 10 months of JC’s leadership.Serves to increase my anger in being denied a vote this year in the Labour Leadership

  32. From a purely unbiased position it would seem that Jeremy Corbyn could end up with a landslide victory in the election for the Labour party leadership.I am still wondering what on earth is going to happen when this happens.All the iffing and butting will not resolve that.The fact that there are 170 odd MRS who potentially may still decide not to support him.
    There is the rule book and ways and means of dealing with that group but no rules can force them to work with Jeremy Corbyn,this is where l get worried,can they be sacked De – selected or decapitated,non of these explains what will happen if the situation is still the status quo after the election.IF the heavy hand comes into play l forsee lots of court cases.I am 81 years of age and have not remotely come across anything remotely like this situation.I see Jeremy Corbyn 100% correct in his views that he is the elected leader with a huge majority with Labour voters but if he had 100% of Labour voters what comes after the election may not change anything if the 170 who wanted him out still decide the same way.No one has a crystal ball certainly l don’t l am just praying for common sense to prevail,if not l forsee a quick election with the Labour party in disarray and potential out of office for generations.Surely someone in control of the party needs to get the grey matter working overtime before this potential disaster comes to fruition.Please someone start banging heads together we need a strong Labour party not a load of prima donnas so please someone stand up and be counted.
    Brian W

  33. I complained to a person involved with the Birley Labour Party about a blog l put on,on August 4th 2016.I was told that vicious blogs had been posted and quite correctly removed however it is totally unfair when innocent people put up perfectly good and sometime argumentive blogs find that they have been removed without any explanation.If what I put on is unacceptable please tell me and l will oblige you and end there and then.You offer a forum for people to offer fair comments without the need for nastiness after all one persons view doesn’t have to be the view of all but that is democracy,the only thing is it should be decent,honest,and not offensive.
    Brian W..

    1. Brian. Your comments were removed automatically by our spam filter. This prevents numerous adverts, offensive posts and general spam links from appearing on our site. I am unsure why your post fell into this category on this occasion. However, the post from the 4th August was reinstated earlier this morning. Thanks.

  34. Hello Greg,Thank you very much for your response to to the mishap on the 4th August of my blog.l had already had it explained to me by one of your councillors that some people had been abusive and l whole heartedly agree that it wants stopping,l would never do that and l thank you and your councillor for helping clear up the matter and thank you once again

  35. I am intrigued by this latest battle between the Labour Party and the courts over the decision not to allow certain new/ newish members to be able to vote in the up and coming election of a new leader or the retention of Jeremy Corbyn.l heard on the TV that someone from the Labour side STATED WE should be the ones who make the decisions and not the courts.On the face of it that would seen perfectly ok provided that when the rule/s were made the barristers for the Labour party took the trouble to get it tested before making the new ruling.No matter who you are or what you are the law is there to protect and even the very clever people get it wrong.
    Just because you are the law doesn’t necessarily mean you know it all so l ask again when someone changes the ruling as was the case in question did they take the trouble to find out if it was in fact lawful.The outcome could either consolidate one of the two contenders and make the contest a waste of time and money,however there could be a sting in the tail if the appeal is upheld and the new voters were against the incumbent leader.
    As an outsider looking in l ask the question surely the Labour party didn’t change the voting rules for recent members and though that it wouldn’t be challenged especially when 170 odd M Ps voted that they had no confidence in there leader for whatever reasons.The man in the street will probably never know,l only hope that after September WE HAVE A LABOUR PARTY that is capable of beating the Conservative con merchants.
    Brian W.

  36. Probably everyone in the country is still trying to make sense of the nasty chemistry between different wings of a PARTY supposedly trying g to tell everyone that they are the best option to the Conservative government.I have always voted Labour and if able I will always carry on voting for them.However after the result will there be a Labour party as we have grown to know and understand it.In any organisation there are disagreements over all manner of things but in an organisation such as a political party how can they survive when the Leader and Deputy Leader start to wash there dirty linen in public.Sure they will have disagreements but both of them ought to be big enough to resolve them behind closed doors,not only look bad,it is bad just like a couple of school kids arguing in the playground each one trying to impress the on looking crowd.The two ended up with the public not knowing who said what where and when because none of the two thought about the ramification of what they were doing.Surely the hierarchy of the Labour party have information from current and past records to be able to resolve the dispute or do these two think that they are both above that.This same argument went on in the early 1970s and if it been allowed to flourish again so be it,All political party’s are responsible for keeping a check on members so that anyone chucked out of the party cannot be reinstated,however when the party decided that we will get thousands of new members for £3 maybe the system wasn’t able to cope,and some names slipped by,maybe more haste less speed should have been the order of the day.If the Labour Party do have this infiltration problem they may is possible have to forget the money rolling in and remove all the new members who joined from the first £3 client up to the last £25 client or just accept what you have and watch the party disintegrate because the members who are not extremist to use a worn out phrase will just not bother,lose interest and watch the party they tied there lives too vanish,just like the gang of four but much much bigger
    Yours sincerely Brian a lifelong labour supporter.

  37. What a phenomenal performance from our Olympic representatives in Rio.All of us should be shouting from the rooftops of the brilliant performances of our athletes.No matter where you come from in the British Isles somewhere within the performances whether a medal winning performance or not these girls,boys,men and women have done us all proud and we haven’t done yet.

    Just one mention of probably the greatest ever track athlete Usain Bolt, 3 sprint gold medals in the last 3 Olympics.Can this ever be surpassed,wouldn’t think so,well done to Usain Bolt as well.
    Brian W.

  38. To anyone hearing the news today regarding re-cycling.My first comment to VEOLIA who are supposed to collect the refuse bins and also the recycling items.Your name wasn’t mentioned today but no doubt you will be banging the drum about people mixing up recycled items.when l was 15 in 1955 l worked for the Council at Bernard Road plant and there many dozens of people were employed sorting out the things that today the Council want tenants to do for nothing,and have the cheek to slag ,them for not doing it right.
    Could l ask VEOLIA if they read this site or maybe the Councillors could pass this message on to them.
    YOU,VEOLIA, allow your teams of refuse collectors to leave tenants black bins when the lids are about one or two inch from closed,and refuse to collect the occasional black bag or box alongside the bin.These are the same workmen who work for the same company VEOLIA who want us all to do there work of recycling refuse so they can have an easier life.You have no right in law in Sheffield to even ask people to recycle there refuse.Also when VEOLIA took over the refuse collection which was subsequently changed from a weekly service into a fortnightly service they were offering people who requested a larger 360 ltr container than a 240 ltr could have one, being as the bin would have to last twice as long this seemed a good constructive idea.So much so that VEOLIA then brought in restrictions to who could have one,Immediately the problem with bins being overfilled by tenants trying to get 2 weeks rubbish into the same container that previously had only to last for 1 week.IT was my job as lead officer to put wheel bins in and also did a 5 thousand bin study on the safety of using black bags with the bins,lids up and lids down,bins over full and bins with rose cuttings in an there was not one instance where anything happened other that the rose cuttings sometimes needed a second emptying cycle.If VEOLIA read this, l suggest that you learn to give the tenants the larger bins if they request one without placing your arbitrary rules upon them.l would suggest that people are sick to death of your rules that seem to be slanted away from the tenants who you are supposed to be giving a service to in favour of yourself.
    No doubt you would like everyone to recycle but the flimsy boxes that allow papers to blow all over the streets when it is windy,making the streets of Sheffield filthier than they ever were under the City Council.All we get is volunteer groups being asked to volunteer to clean up areas that are often
    caused by waste paper and other bin contents flying around in the wind.Not sure if street sweeping is VEOLIA,s responsibility but a lot of the mess should have been in the back of the bin waggon not in people’s gardens and play areas.So meet the people halfway and if they require a larger or smaller refuse bin let them have one and get rid of the useless blue boxes.What is also required is for legislation about what will be recycled and the coloured bin with the contents that go into it plus at least 3 recycling bins,No Box.
    Yours sincerely
    Brian W ,
    PS If VEOLIA do read this please get your people to sort out the refuse bins minus lids,and bins with damaged or missing wheels,all of which were done under Sheffield Council.

  39. Really fed up with MP AFTER MP going on about having another referendum because we don’t know this and we don’t know that.The government of the day should be fully involved in sorting out ALL they can Prior to signing Article 50.
    As M PS they have lots more information as we will ever have so please stop moaning and get on with what you were elected for.I am sick to death of MP Smith changing from one day to the next and please stop using sound bites from the BREXIT referendum,we have all heard them and before you quote lies from the OUT group take a minute to look through what lies the IN groups came out with.
    WE the voters heard all that but still voted the way we did “FOR OR AGAINST” that’s called democracy “Mr Smith”,the way you will win or lose the leadership battle so please stop belly aching and leave the Brexit vote where it is and use what you have between your ears to make it work in the best possible way for ALL THE PEOPLE IN GREAT BRITAIN not just what you think it should be.Please honour the democratic vote and stop bleating about percentages of the victory,they are irrelevant and are only argued about by the people it doesn’t suit,in this instance it’s you Mr Smith.
    As for the up and coming leadership election l wouldn’t vote for either of you as you both seem intent on getting sound bites where you can and knocking lumps of one another. The main point you both need to understand is that it is not just the Labour people you need to convince,but you need to win back the votes you have lost to U.K.I.P.and other parties plus the ones that just have got fed up with infighting in the party.
    I wouldn’t vote for the Tories if l was paid for it but at least they are organised and it makes us look like a bunch of wellies arguing whose turn it is to pay for the next beer round.
    Yours sincerely
    Brian W
    100% Labour and proud of it
    81 years young.

  40. Was looking in the METRO today and saw that Jeremy Corbyn was 24 point ahead of Owen Smith in the leadership battle.If that is substantiated the next move will be to see how many MPs he has got to support him.Hopefully the N.E.C. or whoever controls the party have made arrangements in the event of the 170 who voted against Jeremy Corbyn decide that they will not change there minds and still won’t support him.What a shambles for a major political party to get into.
    I would think that this would be a very good time for the leaders of the party to come up with a plan to resolve whatever is required or we are liable to be in opposition for a long long time.
    Brian W.

  41. On reflection the bye election in Mosborough should have been a formality if there is such a thing in politics nowadays.
    However without wanting to throw blame about,perhaps the people who organised the prospective councillor that the Labour party responsible could/should have looked at the fact that the Lib/Dens candidate actually lived in the ward and had been the councillor before.This in itself is nothing to do with what,or whom the Labour party choose to select to fight the bye election.My question is WHY did you select a prospective councillor who resides over 15 miles away in the Stocksbridge area.I am not aware of the experience of this prospective councillor but when they are up against an experienced council performer who made it clear to prospective voters of the difference in the length of travel should a councillor be required at short notice.The Jeremy Corbyn influence probably wasn’t required with the Labour organisers handing the vote on a plate to the Lib/Dens.
    With problems forever cropping up in the Labour ranks be it at Local or National elections silly mistakes which l feel was the major cause for us losing Mosborough need to be eliminated.
    Gift wrapping seats to opposing political parties does nothing at all to help the confidence of councilors or MP.s when there election comes around.To the officials responsible for organising future elections be they local or National go through them with a fine tooth comb so as to give our candidates the best possible chance of winning.
    Yours sincerely
    Brian W.

  42. Hi jonathan, making comments on the Birley ward site about what the councillors should or should no do is fine if you take a bit more time to find out how and why the rubbish actually gets on the streets etc.Rather than having a go at the elected councillors change you viewing angle just a bit and watch the local binmen sometimes on bin collection days Once a fortnight or probably you will see the other collection crew who pick up the blue paper bins and the blue boxes,this is the team you need to target as the bins are too light and as a matter of curiosity have you noticed how much paper is flying about when those are collected.In a nutshell just have a chat to them or contact VEOLIA who employ these workers,that way the job will be done by the people who get paid to do the job in the first place and by the way just as a passing thought,contact either the City Council or Her majesty’s government who changed the collections from one week to two weeks with no increase in bin size for 95% of the tenants using them.Could l suggest that this single element creates plenty of rubbish flying about and while on the subject,ring up VEOLIA and just try to get a larger 360 litre bin in exchange for your 240 litre bin,l also add that there are strings attached regarding who can have an exchange hope this helps a bit Jonathan.
    All the best Brian W.

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