Dropped Kerb Woes

Cllr Karen McGowan, Mr Doug Hancock, Cllr Denise Fox & Cllr Bryan Lodge

 Birley ward Councillors Bryan Lodge, Denise Fox and Karen McGowan recently met up with Basegreen resident Mr Doug Hancock after he told them about problems facing mobility scooter users. “I’m grateful for the dropped kerbs that have been put in but they sometimes get blocked by parked cars” said Doug. “I’m not blaming drivers as they probably don’t realise that they are blocking them, but I wondered if there was anything that could be done to make it more obvious”. Bryan, Denise and Karen have arranged for a white ‘H’ marking to be installed to keep the area clear. Commenting on the news, Cllr Bryan Lodge said “As Doug points out, drivers don’t always realise the problem. I suppose until you’re faced with these types of problems, like many local residents who use mobility scooters, you don’t fully appreciate how hard it can be to get up the kerb. I tried to lift Doug’s scooter and it’s not that easy. I’m sure that drivers will respect the markings when they are put in and help to make life a little easier for everyone”

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  1. Just having a quiet look through some of the comments and l came across this item when Doug Hancock a former tenant in Welwyn Court.He wasn’t in here very long but Ken Taylor and myself spent many hours with Doug, he was a mad Wednesdayite and would argue about many things, even the size of chicken boxes that housed chickens.We had to get a print off the Internet but not sure even that convinced him.lts nice to have ones mind jogged now and again.R.I.P Doug.BRIAN and KEN.
    Brian W.

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