3 Replies to “Birley Councillors March for Sheffield Jobs”

  1. The demonstration at it height had around 800 present when it ended
    up for the Speakers at Barkers Pool. Although there was 3 Labour
    Party Banners present the number of actual Labour Party Members
    Present were thin on the ground. I know there was election work
    taking place across the City where I suppose some members may have
    been,never the less there is in my opinion a lack of cohesion about
    the Party in the City these days. Given the degree of the attack
    the Tories are making upon our City and their failure to address
    the huge economic problems we have. There is a time comes when
    Labour’s Membership needs to be rallied in order to fight back.

  2. The Tories love of all things China…China gets the contracts to build HS2 railway lines and nuclear plants so yeah they will use cheap heavily subsidised Chinese Steel so do the Tories care about Port Talbot no they dont cos due to Osborne’s tours of China its a done deal and those Labour Sheffield city councillors and the deputy Lord Major of Sheffield should be ashamed of themselves for accompanying Osborne on these visits to China as by doing so they are complicit in signalling the death knell for steel production in Port Talbot.Typical Sheffield Labour hypocrisy.The Tories idea of an Apprenticeship is flipping burgers over at MacDonalds no disrespect meant to those in the catering business but the Tory definition is dishonest and these Labour sheffield councillors are fools for buying into it.

  3. As for labour party membership need to rally well with Blairites who dont want Corby as leader because he threatens their gravy train high expenses lifestyle plotting using the stage managed right wing biased media witch hunt smear campaign to try and oust Corbyn by using the dirtiest of tactics one week before council and mayoral elections then forget it the membership will dwindle once again if Corbyn goes and the labour party will be back to the days of Blair who give not give a hoot about party membership levels and as such was reliant again on 65% half interested masses and no doubt the labour party will go back to courting the likes of Murdoch for support and all we hear from Clive Betts is silence in terms of public support for a leader who got more votes than any other previous labour leadership candidate. One more thing Clive Betts comments this week in the wake of the Justice finally achieved for the Hillsborough 96 have been as per usual pathetic only a man like Betts would be speaking up for this discredited force who few people in this region actually trust and watching him nodding in agreement with Theresa May’s response to his sad sad question about the state of moral in south yorkshire police instead of demanding reform of the force was so typical of this man who since 2004 has not been fit to be the MP for sheffield south east asnd who along with his predecessor as leader of sheffield city council David Blunkett made such a mess of the city’s finances ie world student games 225 million in debt even before the world economic crash occurred in sept 2008.

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