Friends of Frecheville Park & Pond on a Dig

FFPP digging

Councillor Karen McGowan joined members of Friends of Frecheville Park & Pond to dig over an area of land ready for planting in early Spring next year. Councillor McGowan said “although it was a cold day we soon warmed up! The area dug over is next to the war memorial and will look really nice next Spring when the flowers are in bloom. Thank you to Leon and Mike for all their hard work and thank you to the member Friends of Frecheville Park & Pond who volunteer to maintain the area on behalf of the local community they do a great job”.

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  1. I would like to thank the Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond for
    turning out last Sunday to clear an area adjacent to the new War
    Memorial in preparation for bulb planting, so we shall have a floral display next year. Well done and my thanks to all who have contributed in helping to make the area a fitting tribute to those
    who gave their lives so we could live. The group who have been operating a few years continue to make an outstanding contribution
    to their Local Community. Thank you Ken Curran.

  2. Good to see the admin removed all those words from Jon Dawes but its ok no one bothers to read stuff on here anyway so so damage done nice one admin good stuff concerning the war memorial

  3. I have to say that although i did not agree with everything that Jon Dawes said on here I think its disgraceful that all his comments have been removed what does this sort of censorship say about the way the Labour party is run at local level.

  4. My dog was recently attacked by two alsation dogs in the children’s football area after getting in through the broken gate. The owner said my dog should have been on a lead even though he wasn’t the one doing the attacking. Neither of her alsation’s were on a lead and one in particular was quite vicious, not letting go of my dog on command. After her dog eventually released my dog, the owner didn’t even ask how my dog was, I told her she hadn’t even apologised and she told me to p..s off. Apparently and according to other people walking round the pond, one of her dogs is always trying to attack other dogs and has got hold of a couple before. I did ask her what would happen if a child had ran in and she said her dogs liked children. I rang the council to ask them to replace the no dogs allowed sign that was there until recently and also to repair the gate. The no dogs allowed sign was there the next day (well done Sheffield Council), however I do not know if the gate will be repaired. There are two other areas, one of which could be used for playing with dogs. These should be a basketball and a tennis court, alas they need some attention to bring them up to standard for the use they were intended (although not a lot I don’t think). Had the owner of the alsation’s gone into these with her dogs and closed the gate my dog wouldn’t have been attacked.

  5. When my children were young and went to the Brownies on Fox Lane, they took part in a clean up of Frecheville pond and did a sponsored walk to raise money for this cause. I don’t remember anything improving, nor being told what the money had been used on. I have recently become an employee of the Central England Co-Op and they want to be involved in fundraising for local areas if we can give a good reason this is required. I emailed the Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond advising them of this but had no response and have recently been told by one of the brilliant gentlemen who go round the pond regularly to clean the area voluntary that the FFPP are no longer. Is anything happening to make this area more fun/better for our children/grandchildren?

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