Birley Environmental Group – Public Discussion



This coming Wednesday (18th Nov) there will be a public meeting on the green and open spaces in the Birley Ward. It will be held at the Frecheville Library and everyone is invited to attend.

We will be sharing ideas on how local people can work together and take pride in our many green and open spaces.

If you have any ideas on how our local environment could be improved and want to get involved, or are simply interested in learning more, please come along.


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    Governments savage cuts to Local Councils, funding for supporting
    local projects is drying up. The next financial year starting in
    April2016 will see a further reduction in the funds available to
    support the local voluntary groups in the Ward. As a result of this
    situation, rather than see most of the groups collapse I am suggesting that existing Groups get together along with Local
    Councillors and any other local people to explore what can be done
    to prevent an almost total collapse of existing groups.

  2. THE CHANCELLOR’S AUTUMN BUDGET STATEMENT DUE OUT ON WEDNESDAY 25TH NOV. In my comments printed on “1st Nov 2015 I draw attention to the
    reduced resources which are coming into the Ward and the need for
    community groups to come together to discuss their futures. Tomorrows budget statement shall have implications for every man
    woman and child living in Birley. At present I have little idea
    the cuts are to be,however every year since 2010 we .have had our money reduced we are at the point where really serious decisions
    are needed to be taken. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and
    pretend it isn’t happening.

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