Birley Ward Labour discuss the NHS

At the last Birley Ward meeting the hot topic was the NHS. Praise was given to local MP Clive Betts for his concern over the increasingly dangerous state of the National Health Service., and for his work on promoting the issues so far.


However, we feel this issue needs a greater awareness amongst members of the public, with local member Ken extremely passionate about the cuts that are both currently occurring, and planned for future – and the need to prevent them now to preserve the NHS as we know it.


If you would like to get involved with the debate, or have any other issues you’d like to raise then please contact the Birley Ward Labour Party online, or any of our Councillors; Bryan, Denise and Karen. Alternatively everyone is welcome to attend the next meeting, to be held on Tuesday 20th October at 7.30pm.

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  1. In response to Jon Dawes, Clive Betts was given praise for a report
    produced in July. The report gave a wide ranging critique of what is
    happening to our Health and Social Care Services. As for the Election of Jeremy Corbyn I didn’t vote for him based upon his record of having either opposed or abstained on issues on 500 occasions. Based upon that past record I felt Jeremy would have some
    difficulty in building a team that would take the Party into Govern-
    ment at the General Election. I both support him and will do whatever I can to get him into Downing Street. I hope and trust that
    all members of the Labour Party will do likewise. Will Jon Dawes?

  2. hi Ken they removed his comments here mate its ok though he wont have done any damage cos none of the local read anything on here anyway he he

  3. With all due respects Adam, I appreciate that many folk may treat
    the Birley Labour blog as a bit of a joke. Which is quite sad a I
    am attempting to raise the level of debate by raising issues such as the future of the NHS. There are literally many hundreds of people living in the Birley Ward who depend upon the NHS.Likewise
    Education, Transport, Young People, Climate Change,Terrorism and
    the proposed bombing of Syria. These are all serious issues which
    deserve the proper degree of consideration. Birley Labour gives
    people the opportunity of engaging in serious discussions. It
    undermines the quality of our democracy if the medium used to conduct those important discussions are abused. Best Wishes

  4. Hi Ken i hear what you are saying about possible misuse of the online platform but i have to say that among-st some of the obvious personal issues that Jon Dawes was airing on this site he also as a local resident made a number of very relevant points which i agreed with.Also i have to say that i had no idea about our local MP falling foul of the rules of the house of commons in 2004 and i have since read up on this and taken the trouble to consult the online version of Hansard i was both shocked and disappointed.Therefore i think its wrong of the admin on here to just carpet bomb his comments selective removal ok but to remove all was not fair minded or even handed.

  5. Hello Dean. I accept your comments over our MP as you say falling
    foul of the rules of the House of Commons. I am suggesting that the Birley Labour Party adopts a declared CODE OF CONDUCT for people
    wishing to make comments either about the Party its Policies or
    the conduct of Elected Representatives.The Labour Party is opposed
    to blanket censoring, our local Branch of the Labour Party has to
    reflect those values. I of course am giving my personal opinion at
    this point, it is for the Local Party to take the decision not me.
    Best wishes Ken.

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