Changes to Birley Ward Bus Routes

Starting Sunday 1st November there will be some changes to the bus routes in the Birley Ward.


The main news is that:

  • The No. 55 will continue to run in the Alport area and then go down Silkstone Road, up Dyke Vale Road and onto Crystal Peaks.
  • The 42 will go down Silkstone Road, up Dyke Vale Road and end at The Hoggs Head pub, Hackenthorpe (will not go into Crystal Peaks).  This service will also no longer be No. 42 it will be No.41.
  • The No. 44 will continue but will be the No. 8 and No. 8A (no longer No. 44).


Attached is some information that outlines the full changes that will occur.


Birley Services Sheet1 Comms – Bus Service Changes 2015 10 (Full network) Comms – Network Frequency Guide and city centre stops



3 Replies to “Changes to Birley Ward Bus Routes”

  1. At the Birley Branch Labour Party Meeting a unanimous decision was
    taken to support the Steel Workers Trade Union Rally to be held on
    saturday21st Nov 2pm Sheffield City Hall. The Branch members thought
    the Governments treatment of the Steel Workers as shabby and lacking
    in concern for the future for the families and local Communities.
    A contingent of Birley Labour Party will be attending the Rally with
    The Birley Labour Party Banner. You are welcome to join us in showing our support for the Steel Workers Fight for Economic & Social Justice. Ken Curran Snr

    So ran the headline on page 3 of the Sheffield Star Dec 3rd 2015.
    Crowds of protester’s out side of Sheffield Town Hall protesting over the reorganised Bus Services. It is all to simple, if you have
    a complaint about almost anything get up a petition and march on the Town Hall and protest. It might make the protesters feel better
    however I would doubt it. Unfortunately opposition Councillors seize upon any opportunity to expose the shortcomings of the Council. Actually the exercise generally is little more than a ritualised farce, for many years Westminster has gradually created the most centralised state in Europe excluding Russia &
    Belarussia. Regrettably Local Government has become a tool of central Government. The power of the Treasury prevails.Both the prime minister and the chancellor are almost like Medieval Kings.
    Local Councils are required the bidding of the State. Which brings me back to the Buses. Ultimately the amount of money spent
    upon public transport is determined by the Chancellor. About the
    only thing that can be determined locally is the colour of the Bus. The New Debate on the Sheffield City Region which allows some services to be run and organised locally is not devolved power but regulated authority. Englands Local Councillors are bound hand and foot by Westminster and have less authority than any other publicly elected representatives in Europe. If we are to flourish as a City Region in future the power,s of our Councillors need to improve so that they can respond to the local
    electorate and public need.

  3. Along with over 200 people half a dozen members of the Birley Labour Party attended a Thanksgiving Service on Thursday 10th of
    December at Gleadless Methodist Church 10 celebrate the very rich
    life of MaryCaborn who was a legend in the Co-operative Movement &
    Labour Party.Apart from her own contribution towards the well being
    of so many people from the City of Sheffield. She worked along with
    he husband George to care for refugee’s fleeing from death and
    oppression in Chile during the 1980’s. She was a life Member of the
    Labour Party & C-operative Party. Her Youngest son Richard has been
    MEP for Sheffield and latterly was MP and Government Minister in the 1996 Government of Tony Blair and later Gordon Brown. Her granddaughter told Mary,s life story in a very moving service.
    Personally I was proud to know Mary along with many other’s as a
    friend. Mary lived a very full life who left us on the 27th of
    November 2015 aged 99 years.

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