Want to share your views and get involved? Attend our next Meeting!

If you want to talk about both local and national politics, get updates from your local councillors, or join your local Birley Ward Labour Party, you can attend our next meeting, this Tuesday (21st July).

The meeting will be held at Frecheville library on Smalldale Road, starting at 7.30pm.

At the last Labour Party meeting plenty of new people attended, and one wrote the following article, called ‘Sweet 16’, the day after:


Sweet 16

Last night I attended my first Labour party meeting at Birley Ward as new joiner this year.

It’s fair to say I have always been a Labour supporter, not just from the influence of my parents and family but from my last few years at school in the 80’s when I had the joy of expectation of getting a job taken from me by a Thatcher led Conservative government. What should have been the dawn of an adventure was ripped from me progressively through the early 80’s so by the time I left college in 1988 I seriously had to contemplate leaving Sheffield and my family just to get a job. Thankfully I did get a job in this city.

Since the Conservatives gained power again in May I have had those same fears I had as an 18 year old but for the many teenagers that are leaving school this year and over the next five years. This time I felt compelled to stand up and be counted as being against this government and all is stands for now and has done in the past. I feel certain that, as a leopard never changes it’s spots, the same benefit bashing, migrant lies and “Loadsa Money” culture will return with the North of Watford being left to bear the brunt of “deficit reducing measures” by this government.

Now more than ever we need a Labour party to stand up and fight for us and expose the lies we hear day in day out and we, as Labour party members, need to get behind the party.

My days of wearing my Communards badges may have gone but my sense of dread at the injustices that will surely come have not gone.

My point of writing all of this is to say I am glad I joined the party, I had a warm and friendly welcome where my views were asked and not scoffed at for not being as eloquent as some of the members plus I have the utmost respect for the work our Councillors do on our behalf and the volunteers who are with them all the way. I would urge anyone to join the Labour party and stand up and be counted.

And the title of my piece, Sweet 16? Well I am the 16th new member to join Birley Ward this year.

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  1. Hi Kay,

    The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th October. Meetings are usually held in the Hollinsend Cricket club starting at 7.30, but have occasionally taken place at the Frecheville Library. Please keep checking the website as a post will be made closer to the date confirming the location.

    Many Thanks,

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