Road Closures on Hopefield Avenue and Fox Lane

Local residents will have noticed that signs have appeared on Hopefield Avenue and Fox Lane.  Your Councillors have made enquiries regarding this and can advise that the reason for these closures are for the replacement of the gas main.  In addition to the closures, it will be necessary for signal controlled sections at various times to enable the work to be completed. It is envisaged that the closures will remain in place for up to ten weeks. If anyone experiences problems, please don’t hesitate to contact Bryan, Denise or Karen.

2 Replies to “Road Closures on Hopefield Avenue and Fox Lane”

  1. This is to all the councillors in the Basegreen area who surely know that on this small estate there are some dispicable tenants. Other tenants have to live at the side of them, some above them some underneath them I myself have drug addicts above, I also so have a drug addict in the same block that thinks he’s a gangster 40 ish years old and deluded and that’s when he’s sober. I have comunal doors that’s been sabotaged to keep unlocked all night. There’s only me that reports to repairs because no one else cares or lost confidence in the people that should do something about this. More than twenty times in a year Kier have had to come and fix the locks and various times the doors have been kicked in. All in all this has been going on nine years at least, and that was when the first decent tenant left and the first drug addict came in. Since then diary sheets have
    been handed in to Crystal peaks so called asb teams regarding the anti social tenants and proved a very much waste of time. Now its time to ask what the asb actually does? Too many times I’ve asked why do you integrate drug addicts, alcholics, well known trouble causers with elderly and ill? their answer “we are social landlords” the proper answer we don’t care who we put in and the asb team know that long term sufferers have had enough of diary sheets. I now have found out that I have to pay council tax and have already had a reminder and the usual threats if I don’t pay. I am now assuming that the drug addicts, alcholics, well known trouble causers will also have to pay and of cause they won’t, like the rent arrears that have mounted up that much. For around the last about 18 months a tenant has took a tenancy that had been evicted from elsewhere for asb reasons into a flat above an elderly man. This young woman, her boyfriend and another drug addict asking other hard working tenants and pensioners in the Basegreen area for money and if they get nothing then comes the abuse. When they catch a bus they don’t pay and give the excuse “my pass is on its way and he’s my carer” I was on a bus when this happened so I know this is true. My partner was on a bus when these drug addicts tried boarding the bus and the driver refused them and met a torrent of abuse from them. My partner, when coming and going from my tenancy she has met up with this nasty piece of work asking for cigarettes and money and again gave abuse when she does not get what she wants. Friday 26th April this person and her so called carer was seen banging on other tenants in her blocks windows until they get let in because she loses her keys. Reports on diary sheets have been done by numerous tenants in the same block and others in the vicinty. It’s not got any better by doing silly diary sheets.

    Yes I do know that nothing can be done without evidence, but diary sheets are not the way to go surely Sheffield council that now run the social housing side could think of a better idea than giving pensioners what I call homework from the so called asb team. If the Sheffield council are making me fund some of the services I and others have took for granted because of economic reasons. Surely for same economic reasons Sheffield council should not let the drug addicts, alcholics, well known trouble causers have tenancies with decent tenants. In my case it has cost more than £2000 in a twelve month period fixing doors, windows and fully replacing doors so how much in nine years? I have brought this up at local TARA meeting and the area manager just looks back at me and said ” they have human rights”. It’s times things changed because you will expect me to vote for better conditions, I have voted Labour all my life but I want to vote for a change in the social housing policy and if anyone comes up with this I’ll consider my allegiance with the party I have been close to for 38 years. The drug addicts, alcholics, well known trouble causers will not vote for anyone but they get the benefit of social housing policy. Words fail me.

  2. Ken, thank you for leaving the comment. I’m sorry that you are continuing to suffer from Anti Social Behavior. I’m aware that Karen has taken up the issue of the communal door being constantly damaged and that she is currently in correspondence with the housing service to identify a solution. I will pass on your comments to Cllr Harry Harpham as the responsible Cabinet Member and ask that he responds. We will post the response on here once we have received it.

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