Litter pickers out in Hackenthorpe

Councillor Karen McGowan joined Hackenthorpe Litter Pickers they walked up the Cotleigh Crescent, Spa View Road, Birley Spa Lane and down Occupation Lane. Cllr McGowan said “I’d like to thank the litter pickers for making me feel so welcome. It was a lovely warm evening to be doing this.” If you are interested in joining them they meet at Hackenthorpe Medical Centre, Main Street at 6 pm every Friday and would love to see you.

Activity on the old Newstead Estate

Birley Ward councillors just wanted to inform the residents living around the old Newstead estate that from Tuesday 18th May for 4 days you may see people on the site. Many of you know there is a planning application in to develop the site for housing. These workers are undertaking a CCTV survey of the drains.

Lamp post on Newstead Drive

Whilst out walking Councillor Karen McGowan noticed that a panel had been removed from a lamp post on Newstead Drive at the junction with Birley Moor Crescent. Councillor McGowan says ” I could see exposed wiring so I have reported this through to Streetsahead asking them to repair this as soon as possible”.

Great Election Result For Birley Ward.

Congratulations to Bryan Lodge on being re-elected as Birley ward councillor.  This was a great result on a day when results for the Labour Party didn’t go well in some other parts of the city.

The figures were.

Labour – 1848 votes.

Conservative – 1241 votes.

Liberal Democrats – 211 votes.

Green Party – 431 votes.

This gave Labour a majority of   607   and a 49.45% share of the vote.

Bryan is pictured at the count with our other ward councillors, Karen McGowan and Denise Fox.

Many thanks to all who worked so hard to achieve this result.