Birley Blitz event 10 May 2014

East Glade Litter 10-5-14-2The open space between Scowerdons and East Glades estate was Birley Blitz’d for the second time in less than a year. Local Labour Councillors joined together with Sheffield Landscape Trust (who are undertaking a project in this area and hope that local residents and young people will get involved), the East Youth Forum, Sheffield Youth Justice Service, Sheffield City Council Parks and Countryside and Land & Planning Departments, Shire Brook Conservation Volunteers. Councillor Karen McGowan said “it was great to see local residents and their children come out and join us. People really care about the environment they live in and want to enjoy this woodland area that is right on their door step”. Councillor Denise Fox added “I just want to thank everyone who came out to help it was a great result and a real team effort”.