Young Music Sheffield’s most exciting new Social Enterprise visited the South East Community Assembly area in November to engage young people in live music. Young Music worked in collaboration with Birley Community College to introduce the area to Young Music’s Battle of Bands Citywide Schools Programme. Birley Community College opened its doors for the first time on a dark cold wet evening and there was some serious competition between bands performing. This event was the culmination of weeks of work teaching young people how to organise and run music events. A fantastic evening of live music took place with the nine bands battling it out to win the coveted prize of being crowned Birleys Battle of the Bands winner and secure a place into the Young Music Citywide final which will take place in March. After some fantastic performances Trust Within was declared the winner and progresses to next years final. Natalie Beard Young Music’s events manager said “A key part of our work is to provide bands and artists under the age of 18 with a performance space, currently bands under the age of 18 struggle to access music venues as most have age restricted policies only allowing adults to attend”. Birley Councillor Bryan Lodge said “It’s brilliant that we have been able to have such a talented pool of music advisors coming to Birley to engage and work with our young people and the battle night was both innovative and creative. This is exactly the type of positive activities that young people have told us they wanted and we have delivered”

Labour SYPCC Candidate Shaun Wright Supports Under One Roof (Basegreen Youth Project)

Labour SYPCC Candidate Shaun Wright at Basgreen Youth Project
Birley Ward Labour Party Secretary Mike Drabble, Cheryl Barrott of Change AGEnts Network UK Ltd, Labour SYPCC Candidate Shaun Wright, Cabinet Member for Finance Councillor Bryan Lodge and Project Manager John Johnson at Basegreen Youth Project

This morning Shaun Wright, Labour’s candidate for South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, visited a new youth project in Basegreen called Under One Roof.

The project, a co-operative set up by Basegreen resident John Johnson, is supported by bodies such as Sheffield Labour Group (represented by Cabinet Member for Finance Councillor Bryan Lodge), Birley Ward Labour Party (represented by Secretary Mike Drabble), Change AGEnts Network UK Ltd. (represented by Cheryl Barrott), Sheffield College and a number of local employers. It is being set up to help local young people, giving them the educational options and mentoring support to ensure they don’t fall prey to anti-social behaviour or worse.

Though Under One Roof is not yet up and running, Shaun was keen to show his support at this early stage, as boosting crime prevention strategies which focus on early intervention is a key part of his campaign to become South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner. Shaun was given a tour of the site by project manager John Johnson, after which a discussion ensued in which Shaun made clear his backing of such projects. Shaun said:

“With the Conservatives and Lib Dems slashing funding for valuable local projects like Under One Roof, it’s essential that we support them. Such local initiatives are key in stopping crime happening in the first place by giving at-risk kids a viable future. If elected Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire, I will do my best to support projects like this across the whole county, meaning better communities for us all.”

John Johnson, manager of the project, was grateful for Shaun’s visit:

“It’s a real boost to have Shaun coming out to see what we’re building here at Under One Roof. We know these kids have a future, and now we know that he sees it too. I wish him well in his campaign, and look forward to inviting him back to meet some of the kids once we’re up and running and he’s elected!”

Frechevillle Park and Pond Fun Day

Birley Ward Labour Party at Frecheville Pond and Park Fun Day
Birley Ward Labour Party at Frecheville Pond and Park Fun Day

Well done to the Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond for organising the Frecheville Park & Pond Fun Day (20 August 2012). It was great to see many members of the community out supporting the event.  There was everything from rock climbing to trying your hand at fishing.

Birley Ward Councillors Karen McGowan and Denise Fox were pleased to be able to donate £60 to the Friends Group on behalf of Birley Ward Labour Party from a £50 draw and a ‘naming the doll’ stall.  The winning number of the £50 draw was No. 28 and was won by Sherrie.  Cllr McGowan said “this event was a great success and we hope that it will continue and become a yearly event”, and Councillor Fox added “thank you to Sheffield City Councils Park Ranger Service for the work they have been doing in supporting the Friends Group and for the work at this event”.

In September you will see that the pond will be fenced off whilst major work is undertaken to strengthen the edge of the pond.  This work should take approximately two months.  If you wish to join to Friends Group or just be kept informed of what is happening please email the Chair, Leon Pedryc at

Birley Ward Labour Party Particpates in Successful Birley Federation Fun Day

Bryan Lodge, Karen McGowan and Lucky Winner at Birley Federation Fun Day
Bryan Lodge, Karen McGowan and Lucky Winner at Birley Federation Fun Day

Last Saturday saw a very successful Birley Federation Fun Day: a large number of community organisations and local businesses joined youth groups to create a memorable event which was well organised by the staff at Birley Community College and Birley Primary. There was even some sunshine!

Birley Ward Labour Party councillors and members were in attendance, with a stall that included swingball to win soft toys, spot the ball, a chance to win £50 and the opportunity to buy some beautiful hanging baskets created by our very own green-fingered maestro George MacDonald.

Councillors Karen McGowan and Brian Lodge, along with the other members of Birley Ward Labour Party present, would like to thank the staff of both schools as well as everyone else involved in the organisation of what was a great day for the whole community.

South East Oscars

Councillor Karen McGowan and Award Winner at South East Oscars
Councillor Karen McGowan and Award Winner at South East Oscars

Councillor Karen McGowan was proud to present the Award of Young Artist of the Year at the South East Oscars on Friday 7th July at the Town Hall. The event was to celebrate the hardwork and determination of young people in the South East of Sheffield. Councillor McGowan said “I feel it is really important to celebrate the achievements of our young people as they are our future and it was really impressive to see what fantastic talent we have got in the South East of the city”. Councillor McGowan also had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Smith who is a pupil at Birley Community College and is a Member of the Youth Parliament.

Regular Events at Hackenthorpe Community Centre

Hackenthorpe Community Centre has a programme of regular events, with something for all members of the community. For details, please see the following flyer, which also includes contact details. Those wishing to download a full copy of the flyer – which includes an order form allowing application for any of the activities listed – may do so from the link at the bottom of this post.

Hackenthorpe Community Centre Activities 1
Hackenthorpe Community Centre Activities 1

Download Hackenthorpe Flyer

Raise up to £10,000 for your Community Energy Project

On Tuesday 10th April the new energyshare Fund will be launched with 8 awards of between £2,500 and £5,000 available to local energy projects. To be in with a chance there are two ways of applying – raise £5k of your own through and British Gas and energyshare will match it; or submit an online application to be considered for three lots of £2,500.

Last time around the scheme helped 4 communities realise their renewable energy projects, and between them they are set to generate enough energy to power 1,169 houses and earn a projected annual income of £500,000. This year they want to help more groups on their way, so whether you want to raise funds yourself or are looking to support a local community, register your interest on energyshare today.

Further information is available at


Birley Community First Panel Invites Funding Applications

Are you a community group that works within Birley ward boundaries, or are you wishing to set up such a group? Then please visit the website of Birley Ward Community First Panel:

Birley Ward Community First Panel is part of a nationwide programme set up to help community groups, and is run under the auspices of the Community Development Foundation. The money isn’t available in all parts of Sheffield, but since Birley is one of the wards chosen to participate eligible Birley groups can get financial help which could make a real difference to what they’re doing.

To find out more, simply visit the website of Birley Ward Community First Panel. If you’not part of such a group yourself, please pass the information on. Let’s do all we can to boost community groups in Birley!