Councillors Support Birley Wood Golf Course

The Birley Ward Councillors were approached by Dave Cronshaw, Club Captain/Junior Organiser at Birley Wood Golf course for funding for an advertising banner. The councillors were happy to support this request and hope it helps attract more young people the sport.

Contacting Your Local Police Team

Police are asking members of the public to use the methods/information below when reporting a crime.

Reports of crime can be made on the number below or anonymously to or 0800 555 111.

Approved reporting methods: of 999, 101 or online at

For regular updates on the team’s activities keep an eye on our social media accounts:

Twitter: @SheffSE_NHP

Please subscribe to SYP Alerts service at where information can be received such as news, appeals, local crime information and prevention advice.

Crime data:

New 2030 Carbon Neutral Target and Climate Crisis Citizens Assembly Announced As City Comes Together To Tackle The Climate Emergency

Labour have today announced a new raft of measures as part of the commitment for Sheffield to play its part in averting climate catastrophe.

This comes after the commitment of the February council meeting the city declared a Climate Emergency.

At today’s Full Council meeting Labour announced that:

• They will be writing to all groups on the council proposing that the July council meeting is dedicated to scrutinising the issue of the Climate Emergency, to consider the research that is currently being undertaken to consider how Sheffield can bring forward the 2050 target to become carbon neutral to an earlier date.
• A new commitment will be made to bring forward the city’s carbon neutral target from 2050 to a minimum of 2030, following work with stakeholders since February and Labour’s local manifesto commitments
• A Citizens Assembly will be commissioned to consider the necessary actions in the city to implement this change. It will be drawn to represent all parts of the city, including young people.

Labour have highlighted tackling the Climate Emergency as a top priority for the city going forward and appointed Councillor Lewis Dagnall as a new Cabinet Lead dedicated to climate change last month.

Councillor Julie Dore, Leader of Sheffield City Council said,

“We have seen a phenomenal coming together of people across the city to make it clear that the climate emergency must be tackled and more must be done locally, nationally and globally. Ultimately this is about the future of our city and our world for our children and young people and that’s why it’s been so good to see young people at the forefront of the campaign.

“It’s important that we keep the momentum in the city and that’s why we are looking to present the research that has been undertaken in July and to allow the public to come to this meeting and engage in this debate.”

Councillor Lewis Dagnall, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change said:

“As a city we came together in February to declare a climate emergency and we have been working with the Green City Partnership to work out our next steps. I am delighted to be able to announce today that we will be committing the city to a minimum of 2030 as our carbon neutral target.

“We are confident that the research we are currently undertaking will be ready next month, so we start a full and frank debate about the actions we need to take as soon as possible. I would propose to bring the report before all Councillors at the July Council meeting.

“If we are to seriously address some of the big decisions and debates we will need to have the fullest participation from all parts of our city, including the next generation. A Citizens’ Assembly provides a bold way of engaging the people of Sheffield in responding to the climate emergency.”

Boxes of Gifts for Hackenthorpe Lunch Club Members

Sue & Nicky run a lunch club twice a week at Hackenthorpe Community centre and throughout the lockdown they have been in regular contact with all the users. Sue contact the Birley Ward Councillors to ask for help as the feedback she was receiving from the lunch club users was that after 8 weeks they were bored. The Birley Ward Councillors were able to agree to fund for Sue, Nikky and the team to make up some boxes of goodies that included: Hand gel, small pot of honey, dabber for bingo, bar of chocolate, mints, sudoku and other games, a small favours bag with red heart chocolate, 5 sugared almonds and small packet of love hearts and a ‘Thinking of you card’. The members that received the bags were really touches and pleased with their gift boxes.

Sue managers Hackenthorpe Community Centre bookings and it is now a hive of activity from lunch clubs, coffee mornings and keep fit classes to private birthday parties and meetings all be held here.

Further Update on Issues in Frecheville

Thank you to those who have commented on this website on the previous police update. This is to let you know that a meeting was held on Friday 10 May with Jayne Mason, several residents, Councillors Denise Fox and Karen McGowan. We would like to thank those residents that attended we found the meeting productive and thank them for their suggestions. Following this meeting Councillors Denise Fox and Karen McGowan met with Inspector Struggles and Sargent Kay Fitzgerald. The following was discussed:

• Residents to be encouraged to report crimes by the following methods:

– Reports of crime can be made on the number below or anonymously to or 0800 555 111.
– Telephone 999, 101 or online at
– Facebook:
– Twitter: @SheffSE_NHP
– SYP Alerts offers information about local policing issues by text, email or voice message. Sign-up now

• Councillors requested details on the process of what happens when someone reports a crime to 101 and Crimestoppers. This will be posted shortly.
• Inspector Struggles will look into the possibility of a MOCAM being located on the park area.
• Mounted Police have been requested by Inspector Struggles for the Frecheville area to take place in the next couple of weeks – this can only take place if the service is available.
• Councillors to meet with Jayne Mason to discuss and support her.

We all need to work together this includes local Councillors, police, schools, Sheffield Futures, residents and parents. If you see a crime report it – the police need local intelligence – please use the methods outlined above to report a crime and if you have photographic evidence please send this in also.

The local police officers are listed below. Please note – The team has lost Sgt Joe Hunt and cover the following ward areas:


Inspector David Struggles
Sgt 3563 Kay Fitzgerald
PC 1183 Sarah Morton
PC 2237 Scott Padley
PC 517 Robert Lockwood
PC 2483 Stephanie Dodd
PC 1637 Louise Lavin
PC 216 Matt Thompson

PCSO 8330 Roger Shalome – Frecheville/ Birley/ Hackenthorpe
PCSO 8234 Philip Clayton – Intake/ Basegreen/Charnock

We will provide further updates when information is received

Update from Police on concerns in Frecheville

I have been made aware of community concerns raised on social media related to ASB incidents over the bank holiday weekend.

At the current time 4 people are in custody and are being processed by a member of my team. I will update on the outcome of the enquiry in due course. The witnesses and victims are being interviewed by officers and as with any reported crimes, will receive personal contact from the investigating officers throughout the investigation.

In relation to ongoing ASB concerns in S12, the team have been made aware of the issue by local councillors and the community. For the last few weeks we have increased patrols in the area. Groups of youths have been identified and in some cases home visits have taken place and interventions made. This work will continue throughout the course of the next few months in conjunction with local schools.

Where more robust enforcement is required, appropriate measures will be taken. Officers have been directed to utilise stop and search powers, where grounds permit and will continue to do so moving forward.

If there are any particularly vulnerable and repeat victims of crime or ASB, please let me know and individual visits can be arranged to offer bespoke support and reassurance.

As mentioned above a patrol plan is in place for the S12 area, so please encourage reporting via the approved channels, this will ensure we have relevant details recorded correctly that can be used in the most effective way. We will act upon any information passed to us, any names addresses and description etc will be useful. The approved reporting channels are 999, 101 or email.

Insp Dave Struggles

SYP Alerts offers information about local policing issues by text, email or voice message. Sign-up now at #SignMeUp

Supporting the Friends of Birley Spa Bath House

Article written by Councillor Denise Fox

Cllr Denise Fox & Cllr Karen McGowan supporting the Friends the of the Birley Spa Bath House. The group attended the painted fabrics event at the Cutlers Hall on Saturday 6th April selling merchandise with the logo of the Bath house. It was great to see them talking to the public explaining about the Victorian Bath House and raising the awareness.

Friend John Burkill

Article by Denise Fox

Cllr Denise Fox was so proud of her friend John Burkill aged 80 yrs old receiving the highest honour bestowed on anyone “the freedom of the city”. She said “It is so well deserved, John has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for Macmillan nurses. John has walked with his pram wearing shorts and green curly wig in all weathers in over 1000 races. I accompanied him when I was Lord Mayor and collected money with him. John never asks for a penny people of all ages want to willing give him money. He has a smile and a kind word for everyone. He makes people feel special. I feel honoured to know him.

This is his book priced £5 available at various places including Sheffield markets.

Supporting the Friend of the Crags

Article written by Denise Fox

Cllr Karen McGowan and Cllr Denise Fox attended the Painted Fabrics event at the Cutlers Hall on Saturday 6th April. They visited the friends of the Crags stall. They had made all their own products, which included pin cushions, bunting, recycled bags, bunnies containing easter eggs and much much more. They came together to raise funds for their group to improve the crags for everyone to enjoy.

Birley Blitz Litter Pick 9 February 2019

On 9th February the Birley Ward Councillors were joined by Hackenthorpe Litter Picks and Owlthorpe Forum to litter pick on Silkstone Road. Councillor Denise Fox said “although it was a very windy day the turn out from Hackenthorpe Litter Pickers and Owlthorpe Forum meant we were able to clear a lot of litter from the street and wooded area. We retrieved lots of cans, bottles, litter as well as plastic garden furniture and carpets” Councillor Karen McGowan added “it was disappointing that no local residents joined us, we hear a lot of complaints from residents about litter so we organised this litter pick in response to people’s concerns”. The Birley ward councillors would like to thank the Hackenthorpe Litter Pickers, Owlthorpe Forum and Sheffield City Councils Parks & Countryside Department for supporting this event.

We need your help to stop fly-tipping and to keep our communities clean of litter. Any evidence you can provide would also be considered such as vehicle registration number (you can report this anonymously). If you see any fly-tipping you can:

Telephone: 0114 2744567
Or contact one of your local labour councillors

For more information see