Councillor Karen McGowan

Karen McGowan
Birley Ward Labour Councillor

Profile of Councillor Karen McGowan

I grew up in Birley, attending Birley Middle School and Thornbridge Comprehensive (now Birley Community College), and my daughter attended the college. We lived on Frecheville for many years until we moved to Hackenthorpe.

I work part-time for The University of Sheffield and I’ve been a member of Unison since 1984 (was previously known as Nalgo).

I have been a member of the Patient Focus Group of the Birley Health Centre for over 14 years. The group has been actively involved in making recommendations to improve the services for patients.

I recognise the importance of education and I am proud to have served as a governor at Birley Community Primary School since May 2000. Now, I am extremely pleased to be one of the governors of the Birley Learning Community (Birley Community Primary School, Birley Community College and Birley Nursery). I have been actively involved in supporting the school community, discussing issues with the Executive Head and parents as necessary.

Since I was elected in 2010 I have worked with local residents and community groups on issues such as traffic and road safety, housing, anti-social behaviour, litter and fly tipping.

Birley Ward consists of many neighbourhoods, each with their own particular issues. As one of your local Labour Councillors I am committed to working with your MP Clive Betts and the wider community, including liaising with Community Groups, Tenants and Community Associations, Friends groups and individuals to ensure we all have neighbourhoods to be proud of.

I am all too aware of the effect the cuts are having on the low paid, elderly, children and families in our communities.  I believe the Tory-Lib Dem spending cuts imposed on Sheffield are unfair.  It’s easy for David Cameron and Nick to say we’re all in it together but they don’t see the impact in our area.


I didn’t become a Councillor to impose the government cuts, I became a Labour Councillor to improve the community in which I grew up in.  These are very hard times but all the community groups in the Birley Ward are committed to ensuring community services continue to be provided.”


As a local Labour Councillor I will continue to do as much as I can to help and support individual residents with their issues as well as work with the local community groups.


Contact Details

Tel: (Mobile) 07833 386467 (Town Hall) 0114 273 4976


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  1. Hi Karen, Golfers at Birley are getting now joy from SIV when the car park is getting started, there are pictures of state of car park on my twitter page @2men1van, if you can find something out it would be much appreciated cheers Dave

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