Councillor Karen McGowan

Karen McGowan
Birley Ward Labour Councillor

Profile of Councillor Karen McGowan

I grew up in Birley, attending Birley Middle School and Thornbridge Comprehensive (now Birley Community College), and my daughter attended the college. We lived on Frecheville for many years until we moved to Hackenthorpe.

I work part-time for The University of Sheffield and I’ve been a member of Unison since 1984 (was previously known as Nalgo).

I have been a member of the Patient Focus Group of the Birley Health Centre for over 14 years. The group has been actively involved in making recommendations to improve the services for patients.

I recognise the importance of education and I am proud to have served as a governor at Birley Community Primary School since May 2000. Now, I am extremely pleased to be one of the governors of the Birley Learning Community (Birley Community Primary School, Birley Community College and Birley Nursery). I have been actively involved in supporting the school community, discussing issues with the Executive Head and parents as necessary.

I have had the privilege of representing Birley Ward for the past 8 years.  I grew up here and attended Birley Middle School, Thornbridge Comprehensive (now Birley Academy) and Sheffield Hallam University.

I am married with a daughter who is now at Birmingham City University and I work part time, as an Admissions Manager at The University of Sheffield.  I have been a proud member of Unison (previous Nalgo) since 1984.  I am passionately committed to do everything I can to serve the local community. It is hard work but I genuinely love making a positive impact on people’s lives.  I am committed to making sure local children have the best chance of success and for the last 17 years I have served as a governor on Birley Primary, and now Birley Academy I am also a member of the Birley Health Centre Patient Focus group.

I work with all local community groups and more recently brought representatives from the local community groups together so they can network and share ideas in these times of austerity.  The number of active groups we have in Birley ward is a testament to the community spirit that thrives here.  It is to be applauded and never to be taken for granted.

Since I was first elected the financial landscape of Sheffield City Council has been devastated by the cuts the Government has imposed –  a further 30 million is to be cut again in 2018/19  a staggering total of £390 million since 2011)

I have seen first-hand the impact that Tory cuts to schools, the NHS, the police and welfare are having. But Labour has a positive imagine for the city- we are growing the local economy, bringing in better jobs and wage growth, and building the homes and infrastructure that our city needs. Representing the people who live in Basegreen , Birley, Charnock, Frecheville and Hackenthorpe has been a privilege for me. I hope that you will allow me to continue working together with the community to provide a strong voice for Birley Ward.

Contact Details

Tel: (Mobile) 07833 386467 (Town Hall) 0114 273 4976


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3 Replies to “Councillor Karen McGowan”

  1. Hi Karen, Golfers at Birley are getting now joy from SIV when the car park is getting started, there are pictures of state of car park on my twitter page @2men1van, if you can find something out it would be much appreciated cheers Dave

  2. Hi Karen i live on Fox Lane just about 1hour ago I came past the old Youth club at the top where I saw work men who were removing Asbestos from that building.My concern is that building hasbeen derilict for some time ,kids have broken in smashed things up messed about inside it ,why is now that they have decided to remove it.There signs telling the public that the building was dangerous and had asbestos inside.As you know asbestosis will not be detected until it’s too late,So have these kids been exposed to the asbestos.
    Barrie Siddall worried resident.

  3. Hi I live on wickfield Grove and I am trying to find out who owns wickfield heath , the council do the path between the houses and wood but say they do not know who owns wood, the reason is since the trees where planted there has been no management they are now hanging over peoples property and if there is a strong wind especially in winter we have branches in gardens any if there is damage to property who do we contact ,they are high and are stopping a lot of light there is also fly tipping the council took bags of dirty nappies as it was a health risk but won’t take the rest . I would like any help you could give us thank you if you need any more information please ask .

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