Public event on Streets Ahead Improvement works in Hackenthorpe & Frecheville

Amey are holding public roadshow events to publicise the Streets Ahead improvement works to be carried out in the Hackenthorpe and Frecheville area starting this year.

The roadshow event will take place on the 16th April at the Hackenthorpe Community Centre on Four Wells Drive from 2.30-6.30pm. It is a drop-in session so residents and businesses can attend at any time between 2.30 and 6.30pm.

B74The roadshow dates will shortly be put on the Streets Ahead web pages on the Sheffield Council website at the link below

15 Replies to “Public event on Streets Ahead Improvement works in Hackenthorpe & Frecheville”

  1. happy with the orad covering and lighting but the footpaths are the worst tarmac covering I have ever seen
    is this realy the finished surface ? uneven poor base layer unlevel edging and the crass verges are in the worst condition I have seen for over 10 years .
    I spent 4 hours the other day sweeping and jet washing the street and path along with leveling my verge and laying some grass seed untill this morning a pickup stops dumps a load of topsoil pats it down with a brush then leaves soil all over street and path and a mound of uneven dirt on the verge . it looks like a tip on my street now .. I have pics but can find no where to post them or even a email to send to council

  2. hi Bryan I had contact with my son who lives on the Westfield estate who are due for road and footpath improvements.He has been trying to obtain details of what is going on in relation to dropped kerbs etc, the things that a lot of residents in that area are very concerned about.A couple of days ago Paul was talking to a tenant or a owner and he had been quoted £950 to have a dropped kerb put in.That amount is preposterous as the amount of work that is required from a straight kerb to a dropped kerb isn’t very much, a few more edging stones and a couple of Barrow loads of tarmac, hardly worthy of a £960 tag.Paul was told by a councillor that “we are not in it to make money”.This estate is very run down and the whole area looks ‘ice something from the Victoria days, the footpaths are pathetic and grass verges are potholed due to cars having to park on them to allow the bus service access.IF ever an area was is need of some tender loving care this is it.The Westfield estate in Mosborough is so bad as regards the roads and the footpaths it is very difficult to describe them.The l formation on the council website isn’t very informative and gives enquirers very little especially when one bit is demanding £70 and gives very little information as to why, it’s election time and standing councillors can earn a few extra votes by doing a good canvas, but with some answers, trying to fob of potential voters may do this time around but as you know Bryan these elections come around on a regular cycle and a once conned voter will have a long memory.
    Brian W.

  3. Good day to all adult residents in Sheffield , you have 6 days inclusive of today and Thursday, to make sure you use your vote to get all the Labour candidates reelected or selected.Try to forger some of the hard times you have had or are still experiencing.The massive amounts of money taken from our council is part of the Conservative policy whereby they take the money from councils especially certain councils to make them look bad and thereby hoping to get the voters change there allegiance, don’t be fooled the nightmare will end as all bad dreams do, the lapdog Lib/Dens are Tory,s in disguise, the past 4 years have proved this, we will vote for anything just to get the power we crave for.There is only one vote in Sheffield vote Labour.Brian W.

  4. I suppose someone has got to say it, what on earth has happened to the tram tracks in Sheffield.? I don’t think many residents in Sheffield expected to see miles of tram track being ripped up after so short a period.The road closing which is necessary but not always known to passengers when they board their usual bus only to find they are going miles out of there way but it is too late to do anything about it, it happened to someone about 75 years young and she tried to complain but as they say too late was the cry so the lady ended up outside Drake House for her trouble and miles from home.I am aware that for the first trip on a diversion but subsequent trips should be able to publicise to passengers details of the diversion and if the buses run late so be it, nothing new there they nearly always run late.Already feel sorry for West Street and the Hillsborough end the super tram neatly put half of them out of business when it first went in, according to many of the shop owners.But as galling as these delays etc the tram has been a tremendous tonic for Sheffield.I used to catch the tram outside the cathedral on Church Street and see the tram swallow a massive crowd and then go down to the Snig Hill stop and do it all again.All in all 10/10 for the tram, pity the tracks don’t last a little longer.Brian W

  5. All voters time is running out, don’t waste it through complacency, it’s no use going into the pub on Friday or Saturday and complaining so and so got in but if I had made the effort we could have won it.You would be surprised how many times that happens.Another is the gobshite who goes on about this and that what the council should have done or not done only for everyone to find out he hasn’t even bothered to vote.Once again very common these people need to be aware how very close these local elections can be, a handful of votes can win so don’t waste your vote, people gave there lives to give us the vote, USE IT.Brian Labour.

  6. A massive Congratulations to Councillor Karen Mcgowan on her re -election to be one on our three Labour councillors.Also to Bryan and Denise for all the sterling work they put in and not forgetting all the hard grafting helpers without whom a positive result is that much harder.By the way l haven’t checked my tenancy agreement recently but l was going to charge tenants in here a small remuneration for showing where the three councillors rested there weary bodies after a strenuous mornings work.All joking apart after being married to a former councillor who served the Labour party at Brightside for 12 years all the councillors and helpers will be looking forward to a nice rest.Well done to you all Thank you, Brian W

  7. Over the past few days one would think that a genie has suddenly appeared in our midst.We can all see that U.K.I.P.has put in a performance that has scared the pants all of the political leaders.One thing that isn’t obvious is the number of potential lifelong voters who will be looking at what each i.ndividual party leader does, policy wise,.. before casting there votes at the general election.Just to think the vote will stay as it is, is ludicrous as on a percentage alone they will cause havoc but with larger disillusioned voters l shudder to imagine.It is vitally important that our leader gets his best brains together and streamlines the parties policy’s and gets to grips with the actual costs for doing things not mickey mouse figures that can and will be blown apart by the opposition.As virtually most sensible minded people realise much of the budget deficit has been on the backs of cuts to the monies paid to the least able to pay people.As usual when the Tories are in power they look after there own, the people who put them in power so from there point of view it is you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.When are the party of the workers going to do the same when they get elected ??????, And this is one of the reasons why U.K.I.P. is here, it’s not the voters deserting the Labour party it’s the other way round, the party have deserted us with there policies which for years have been undistinguished from the other party’s rubbish.Start to focus on the area that really need your help, outlaw by law the zero contracts, up the minimum wage rates, scrap the bedroom tax, sort out the private landlords or leeches as l see them, yes some are needed but the rest are feeding on a housing shortage fed by all political party’s.You are all a load of Gunners out of power but when in power nothing, something else takes preference to spend OUR money on, another thing that helps turn voters to U.K.I.P. Look around you and all or most of the answers are there why U.K.I.P.are doing what they are doing.People want to see action as to why All of the budget deficit has been met by the less to really poorly off groups in our country and the well off to very rich have got away with it, another reason for U.K.I.P..Unless the two major political groups have a good close look at what they do or you will end up like the dinosaurs” extinct”, nothing lasts forever.
    Brian W

  8. I am hoping that the councillors responsible for looking after the Westfield estate in Mosborough are in the habit of reading items relating to them on this the Birley Ward Labour party site.Today l visited my son who lives in Elm Crescent on the Westfield estate to find a group of tenants and owner occupiers wondering someone from within the City Council will oblige and give them some critical information about the imminent road and other maintenance items coming to the area.Even Clive Betts has visited this area and he is appalled at what has been done but it seems as though councillors have shied away.The whole of this area is rundown and wouldn’t be put up with if it were other than an ex Derbyshire area. l have been round some bad estates in Sheffield, the old Manor and Attercliffe as examples and they were brilliant in relation to the load of rubbish called Westfield in Mosborough.Perhaps if the councillors went to this estate and speak to the tenants individually or en mass.With work already started no one is able to commit to what they want in respect of dropped kerbs and the like, how are people expected to put a name to an unknown price already quoted at £950 as though it was chicken feed with non of the councillors prepared to accept or deny this figure.All councillors should be ashamed of deserting this area just because it was inherited from a neighbouring authority.It is surprising that only a couple of weeks ago you were keen to be knocking on these same people’s doors asking them for there votes, try turning the tables and ask them what you can do for them.You know the estate l mean it’s the one where the Council allowed the music festival to blight everyone’s weekends and hundreds of cars blocked the bus from getting through and made tenants and owner occupiers park miles from there own homes just so someone could rake in some money at the locals expense.So pretty please councillors please get of your bottoms and do what you were elected to ” LOOK AFTER YOUR VOTERS” please before it’s too late.Thank you.Brian W.

  9. Hello Bryan, Denise, Karen.Would it be possible to enquire whether a pelican crossing could be sited where the dropped kerbs put in a few years ago, adjacent to the 44 bus stop to Crystal Peaks and outside the Sheltered Housing Complex are.This road Jaunty Lane is evermore getting like a race track.Many elderly people, some with other ailments than old age are regularly dodging vehicles travelling at high speed both ways.Whatever plans are required please do what is necessary before there is a fatality. Brian W.

  10. Most strange that no one seems interested in protecting the lives of people within our area that area being Base Green.Maybe it’s not “The place to be” according to the publicity our area gets but it’s residents deserve as much protection as any other area within Sheffield, we don’t want preferential treatment but when tenants see something that really stands out at least it is worthy of investigation.We have two bus stops virtually opposite to one another, both well used by people who have to cross the very busy road without any protection against speeding vehicles.Then there are the doctors surgeries that elderly people have to cross the road to get treatment etc.Then there are the shops.cafes, chip shop, all of which puts people with any form of disability let alone just old age into a confrontation situation with vehicles travelling at high speed.This look right, look left and look right again and if all clear proceed doesn’t work quite as well when you are 60,70,80, 90, when all the senses are greatly diminished.The dropped kerbs are in already in place, get the job finished and put in a pelican crossing and show that we are a Caring Council, not just one that speaks the words and then ignores action.Brian W

  11. Hi Brian,

    Thank you for this I’ll look into it and see if it is possible to put in a crossing. As you know money in the council is in very short supply thanks to this ConDem government but I will investigate and see what can be done. Karen

  12. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.or that is what I thought it was when George Osborne came out with his grand statement about HS2/HS/3.Anyone who believes a single word of his statement also believes that the moon is made of cheese.This statement from a person who would rather bulldoze all of the country north of Watford rather than give it grants to finance another high speed service that would be in opposition to the London area.Come on George, the general election is 11 months away and giveaways like a bottle of whisky is ok but this high speed rail system, bit much George even for you.These statements are only forthcoming in the areas where the Conservative vote is vanishing fast.If you want to do anything Mr Osborne share out the monstrously unfair grant that London gets over the remainder of our country.
    Brian W.

  13. Many thanks to our council for recognising the urgent need to put a pelican crossing on Normanton Hill where the brave young life was tragically lost.This brave young girl gave her life to save another young life.This crossing will not bring back the courageous young girl but will hopefully help others in the future.l take my hat off to all the people who fought for this crossing to get the go a head and the Council for the funding.Excellent cooperation and a common sense decision.
    Brian W.

  14. To Karen Bryan Denise, First of all l am not aware that you as city councillors are fully aware of the changes that are shortly coming to all pensioners in sheltered dwellings.If you have been party to what is coming in November 2014 or have voted on something without fully understanding then more fool you.For people who are unaware what is about to happen is that this council have agreed to evict pensioners from there homes irrespective of how long they have been in them if they cannot afford to pay an invented rise of around £16 per week.This will be done even though the pensioner has a secure tenancy.This increase is that they would rather kick out pensioners rather than change a warden system that is no longer fit for purpose and is getting worse by the week.They can if they want to get rid of the few wardens who depend virtually 75% on an intercom system this means that hardly any tenants see a warden from one week to the next and it will and does get worse and this is what l have been given documentation about today.The sensible way would be to remove the wardens and rely 100% on the intercom system and they Dont tell lies.Did you know that a warden can be miles away from a group of sheltered dwellings and can contact everyone just by sitting in another building far far away and that is happening now.Not sure if management are aware of this fact, but all the wardens know it happens.So now that the councillors at Birley are aware of this fact why not introduce the system for sheltered as a whole and scrap the ridiculous
    financial penalties being aimed at pensioners in sheltered dwellings.l will do my utmost to try to get the new charges scrapped or radically reduced.Councillors if you knew how the system operates and the shortcuts that are easy to accomplish you would never have considered voting for these increases.l am quite aware of the problems that the council have with cash problems but the nitty gritty of being in politics is that one has to learn to deal with it and not to get conned by
    chief officers or whatever they are called now days, they seldom put there position up for grabs when savings are needed.Get shut of all the wardens and allied officers go on to the intercom system and you will have enough savings to last you a lifetime.But I am not a chief officer just a tenant.Regards Brian W.
    25 07 14.



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