Mindless Vandalism at Frecheville Pond

After celebrating the completition of the works to improve the pond, Birley Councillors and members of the Friends group were deeply saddened by recent mindless vandalism that has seen bins ripped up and a recycling bin pushed in to the pond.¬† Cllr Bryan Lodge said “It’s such a shame when all this hard work is spoilt by idiots who have no respect for the pond or the local community. I really hope that these hooligans can be found and would urge anyone who has any information on who is responsible to report it to the police. This can be done through 101 or through any of your local councillors if you feel more comfortable using that route” He added “We can’t let this sort of behaviour¬†ruin local facilities – please, if you know who is responsible, pass it on to the police”

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  1. I am so disappointed to see the vandalism that occurred over the weekend. The hard work from the local community working to improve the area around the pond is done by volunteers. The people of Frecheville have been asking for the pond to be cleaned up for a long time and finally we are seeing the benefits. I do hope that this will not be a sign of things to come and that if anyone sees anyone causing any damage that they will report it by ringing 101.

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