Councillors in Successful Roving Surgery in Thornbridge Drive Area

Bryan Lodge and Karen McGowan Roving Surgery on Thornbridge Drive
Bryan Lodge and Karen McGowan Roving Surgery on Thornbridge Drive

Despite the wind and the rain, last Friday (July 6th) Councillors Bryan Lodge and Karen McGowan completed a roving surgery in the streets around Thornbridge Drive.

This was the first of many such surgeries planned, designed to highlight local issues as well as those affecting residents across the ward. A couple of days previously, leaflets were dropped through letterboxes asking anyone wishing to talk to a councillor to put the leaflet up in their window: when performing the surgery, the councillors would then call.

Many topics were raised with Councillors Lodge and McGowan, most popular being the state of roadside trees and incosiderate/illegal parking on Thornbridge Avenue at the start and end of the school day. The councillors were able to assure residents that these issues would be addressed, in particular pointing to the comprehensive new £2 billion Highways Maintenance Contact, in which all roads and pavements in Sheffield will be renewed, and seventy-five percent of trees will be replanted.

Further roving surgeries are planned soon, for different parts of Birley Ward. These surgeries will be announced here first, so make sure you check back here often for news. If you’d like a roving surgery in your area, please contact one of the councillors using the information on their respective pages. If enough people contact us, they’ll be knocking on your door sooner than you think!


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