Birley’s Labour Team in Your Area

Your Labour team are in the Thornbridge Drive area on Friday between 4pm – 5:30pm. We’d love to hear from you on issues in your area. Look out for Bryan, Denise and Karen who will be walking around the area. If you’ve had a leaflet through to advise of the walking surgery, please display in your window if you’d like us to call.

Further ‘walking’ surgeries will be taking place across the ward; look out for details that will be published on the website and through leaflets in the individual areas.

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  1. Would appreciate pressure being put on First who once again are putting hard cash before what people need and on a more serious note what pensioners need as a basic requirement.How dare a bus company use an argument that people can get off a bus at Birley and get on a tram that belongs to there enemy as a way of conducting such an important part of running a service.120 buses run about like litter,lots of tine with few passengers on them,we only ask for a service that starts in town,and currently is picking up lots of pensioners to shop in peaks or on the other side ,to town.Year after year these services are messed about with and even the driver don,t always know where thet are going,but look at which routes are most commonly chopped and altered,you will see a pattern,then if you look at the routes that are generally left untouched or improved you will again see another pattern,GREED.There is enough money going around that slight alterations to the never touched routes will ensure that all areas get the service needed.l do not need to spell out which routes can afford to be reduced and would not feel it,anyone with eyes and half a brain can,the problem is that the adjustments people have neither they don,t have hearts either.Many times in the past and maybe again now lots of the seats have been taken up by pensioners who are doing what the government of the day,LABOUR just to enlighten the not knowers to go out and spend money and thereby keeping the economy going,and that is still the case.Looking at the massive profits First Group are making year in and year out they would make one think that the only people using there buses were the rich and the workers.l would contest that as many of those have cars and pensioners are less likely to own a car,this makes it important that bus services for pensioners is maintained and more to the point goes to where those pensioners can make the most beneficial use of there money,and Birley tram stop is certainly not the answer.If you are going to play around with the bus routes get someone who knows what they are doing and that way you may get it right then we can get rid of the quarterly merry go round,this is one of the reasons bus passengers are falling,they don,t know if and when a bus is coming,the timetables are a waste of time,half the passengers don,t trust them and many drivers ignore them.Just one final item,the trams run on time don,t repeatedly mess about with routes and timetables and there numbers seem to be on the up,there may be a lesson in there somewhere but one needs feelings to recognize it.Brian

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