Population Questionnaire to understand Impacts of Covid-19

Public Health have developed a population level questionnaire to support our understanding of the positive and negative impacts of Covid19 in Sheffield within our communities. The survey went live today and will run for 6 weeks.

Here is the link: https://sheffield.citizenspace.com/performance-research/coronavirus-rapid-health-impact-assessment

This questionnaire asks a range of questions (mainly multiple choice) about how the experience of Covid19 has been in terms of loneliness, mental health, employment, income, health behaviours, active travel, access to services, where people get their information from on covdi19, digital inclusion, home schooling, people’s experience of shielding or having Covid19, information about health conditions and managing these during the pandemic, future concerns people may have about the virus.

This questionnaire is really important as it will allow us to gain more information in the areas where we have gaps in data locally. We can then ensure we tailor our response and services to meet the needs described by communities.

This will be in addition to the rich insights gained from stakeholders, local groups and services.

It should take around 10-15 min to complete the questionnaire.

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