Reporting Fly tipping in Birley Ward

Litter and fly tipping have been and issue in this Newstead area for a while. Back in 2018 your local councillors circulated a leaflet to residents in the area with information on how to report issues. Thanks to a local resident regularly reporting through to Councillors fly tipping taking place around the power station on Newstead Road/Parkland Crescent we have ensured that the rubbish has been removed and that signage is place around the area.

We would like to encourage anyone seeing fly tipping please report it. Any evidence you can provide would also be considered such as a vehicle registration number. If you see any fly tipping you can call the Council on 0114 2734567 or email through to or just get in touch with one of your local councillors – Bryan Lodge, Karen McGowan or Denise Fox.

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