Update from Police on concerns in Frecheville

I have been made aware of community concerns raised on social media related to ASB incidents over the bank holiday weekend.

At the current time 4 people are in custody and are being processed by a member of my team. I will update on the outcome of the enquiry in due course. The witnesses and victims are being interviewed by officers and as with any reported crimes, will receive personal contact from the investigating officers throughout the investigation.

In relation to ongoing ASB concerns in S12, the team have been made aware of the issue by local councillors and the community. For the last few weeks we have increased patrols in the area. Groups of youths have been identified and in some cases home visits have taken place and interventions made. This work will continue throughout the course of the next few months in conjunction with local schools.

Where more robust enforcement is required, appropriate measures will be taken. Officers have been directed to utilise stop and search powers, where grounds permit and will continue to do so moving forward.

If there are any particularly vulnerable and repeat victims of crime or ASB, please let me know and individual visits can be arranged to offer bespoke support and reassurance.

As mentioned above a patrol plan is in place for the S12 area, so please encourage reporting via the approved channels, this will ensure we have relevant details recorded correctly that can be used in the most effective way. We will act upon any information passed to us, any names addresses and description etc will be useful. The approved reporting channels are 999, 101 or email.

Insp Dave Struggles

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8 Replies to “Update from Police on concerns in Frecheville”

    1. Absolutely need visibility on the streets and hang out locations… not only is this a deterant but officers will build up a picture of the kind of kids we are dealing with. Is the message actually getting across to these menaces? Home visits/interventions etc sound like the soft touch approach at our expense… clearly parents are not interested; probably passing on “tricks of the trade”…
      Are RSPCA involved re pond incidents etc??
      If not managed sufficiently you’ll end up with members of public taking this into their own hands… then there would be a policing crisis and resident uproar… sort it out now, properly, whilst there’s still hope, please.

  1. Totally agree with the above comments. We need prevention first, this may lead to less distress for the public and less work for the police officers.

    It’s become too intimidating to walk around this area, and it’s even scarier and less reassuring when you never see a police officer on foot patrol or in a car unless responding to an incident.

    You know as well as we do these yours are constantly roaming around, being abusive and killing animals so why are there no police around?

  2. If this doesn’t get nip in the bud now it’s only going and is getting worst the problems lays with the parents 100 % you do not let your teenage children out until 11 and 12 clocks not even knowing where they are and what they up too they need to be made accountable for damages they cause see if the parents like that hit em in thier pockets also the poor pond life why hasn’t somthing bern done to protect them it’s terrible that we have too to be fair the children or too cock sure they cannot be in trouble no matter what they do but somthing needs to be put in place to show them no more getting away with it they need guidance and taught some respect they just laugh knowing they can do what they want and if you hit back or sort it yourself you the one in trouble but trust me if it carrys on some people will then the little scumbags wouldn’t know what’s hit em they only clever in gangs

  3. No disrespect to mr struggles but the police have lost this battle. When the same gang of youths can cause this amount of trouble over a wide area on repeated occasions then theyknow you cant touch them.
    Car crime is on the up, real anti social behaviour is on the up and knife crime is on the up. Burglaries and theft from property is on the increase again.
    Since when was pulling a machette on members of the public classed as ASB?? Trashing cars ASB?? Killing wildlife ASB?? Hitting members of the public with bricks ASB?? Stop downgrading serious crimes such as attempted assault with a deadly weapon, criminal damage and animal cruelty to ASB to make it look less serious on paper.
    As for our oh so caring councillors, youre an embaressment, you cant fix all your problems by lowering the speed limit to 20 and fitting speed bumps. Members such as brian lodge have been doing the job years and slowly presiding over the decline of s12, do everyone a favour, resign and let someone earn the money who actually cares about all s12 and not just the cricket club

  4. I think we need more CCTV on every street if necessary and the local areas such as the pond , park, shops, etc. would be more than happy to have it on my street !!

  5. Sorry but as bad as my health is I will continue to patrol the pond on an evening… don’t trust these so called patrols at all

  6. Absolutely agree more Police are needed just like it used to be .
    The same gangs operate on the Westfield and Waterthorpe.
    Some of them not necessarily young .
    Shouting out of car windows and throwing bottles .
    Has they go past the estate with there car wheels it’s wa wo and other stuff.
    And involved in drugs .A lot of them have moved off Eckington.
    The same gang operate daily including stalking !!
    The older gang members get there family and friends involved and vulnerable people .

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