New Birley Community Environment Group

Karen McGowan Litter Pick 23-4-16 (5)


Photograph by Peter Wolstenholme

On Saturday 23 April 2016 the Birley Ward Councillors supported the first event of a new community volunteer group. Their first event was a litter pick around the Birley Nursery/Primary schools on Thornbridge Avenue S12. The group have also arranged for the Education Officer from Amey to go into the school to work with the children on recycling and why it is bad to drop litter. Equipment was provide and the event was supported by Amey, Sheffield City Council’s Parks & Countryside and Housing Department.
The group have come together from across the Birley Ward to improve the environment in which we live. They will be planning other events such as bulb planting, litter picks etc through the year so if you want to get involved please contact us and we will pass your details on.
If you could spare a couple of hours each month (over the summer) to support this new community group please let us know.

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  1. i commend these actions especially the lobbying of the school leadership who have for too long been allowed to shirk their responsibility in this matter.It is still i believe an offence to drop litter and yet as a local resident and council tax payer i rarely see any police officers patrolling the area at school lunch time or home time.The Law and the Council do virtually nothing to enforce the law on litter which as a council tax payer and local resident is disgraceful.Also the parents of the children who turn up as early as 2pm to collect their children at 3:15pm themselves litter the area as well as congest the area and at times play loud music out of their cars which is a source of nuisance to local residents i believe it is high time that pressure was brought to bear by local labour councillors on both the police and the parking services dept at sheffield city council to improve the situation.Around the thornbridge area of birley yellow lines seem to count for nothing as car drivers know that the local police and traffic wardens are never in the area to monitor and impose sanctions in the form of parking tickets

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