BBQ Event for welcome new Labour Party Members

Clive Betts MP. Club Baize Beighton Barbeque (1)
Photograph taken by Peter Wolstenholme

The above BBQ event was held at Club Baize on the 13th September 2015 to welcome new Constituency Labour Party members

2 Replies to “BBQ Event for welcome new Labour Party Members”

  1. Cllr Dore went to China last week as part of the UKTI delegation. No other councillors from Sheffield were on this trade delegation. Cllr Leigh Bramall was on another trade delegation the week previous. Neither visits incured costs for Sheffield City Council, being fully funded through business and the government.

  2. Jon Dawes in his blog of Oct 6th made some very serious allegations
    about corruption and kick backs for Labour Councillors. He doesn’t
    give any evidence, if he has any evidence of corruption he has a
    moral and public responsibility to report his concerns to the
    appropriate authorities so action can be taken. The Local government
    Ombudsman and South Yorkshire Police would receive any evidence and
    take whatever action is appropriate. If he hasn’t any real evidence
    may I suggest he is probably just expressing an opinion, however
    opinions without substance are worthless.

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