Hedge Laying in Birley Ward a great success

East Glade Hedge Lay 1-11-14 (6)

East Glade Hedge Lay 1-11-14 (26)

Photos By Peter Wolstenholme

Local Birley Ward Councillor Karen McGowan joins staff from Sheffield City Council’s Environmental Planning section and the Sheffield Landscape Trust on a hedge laying course. Councillor McGowan said “It was more complicated than it looks but very enjoyable and the finished result looks great”. The course is part of the Eastglades Project and covers the open space between East Glade and Scowerdons estates. Local expert, Jasper Prachek, led the Hedge Laying course as part of the improvements works on the site. Councillor Karen McGowan added “part of the funding for this work is to hold public events, the idea is to involve local people. It would be great if we could form a new action group and encourage people to support the work”. If you are interested in forming a group or getting involved in helping out please contact Helen Mitchell at Sheffield City Council (0114 2735804). Any help and support would be gratefully received even if you can only give a couple of hours every few weeks it all helps to improve our local community.

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