Public asked not to walk through Norton Aerodrome land

Birley Ward Councillors understand that the Norton Aerodrome area has been used for many years by people walking their dogs and the general public who are just out to enjoy the open space. The main reason for the Council installing a security guard on site is in response to the many reports from members of the public. The security guard and his dog is to stop any fly tipping and anti-social behaviour, as well as to keep people away from the structures on the site until they are demolished.

There will be a notice handed out to people accessing the site, informing them that they are trespassing and that the site is private property and has its own dangers, such as uneven surfaces, unsafe buildings and environmental conditions.

It will also inform them there is a security guard on the site with dog support, we ask members of the public to be aware of this and consider the implications.

The notice below will be displayed at all the access locations on site next week.