Further Update on Issues in Frecheville

Thank you to those who have commented on this website on the previous police update. This is to let you know that a meeting was held on Friday 10 May with Jayne Mason, several residents, Councillors Denise Fox and Karen McGowan. We would like to thank those residents that attended we found the meeting productive and thank them for their suggestions. Following this meeting Councillors Denise Fox and Karen McGowan met with Inspector Struggles and Sargent Kay Fitzgerald. The following was discussed:

• Residents to be encouraged to report crimes by the following methods:

– Reports of crime can be made on the number below or anonymously to Crimestoppers-uk.org or 0800 555 111.
– Telephone 999, 101 or online at https://www.southyorkshire.police.uk/contact-us/report-something/
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sheffieldsoutheastnhp/
– Twitter: @SheffSE_NHP
– SYP Alerts offers information about local policing issues by text, email or voice message. Sign-up now

• Councillors requested details on the process of what happens when someone reports a crime to 101 and Crimestoppers. This will be posted shortly.
• Inspector Struggles will look into the possibility of a MOCAM being located on the park area.
• Mounted Police have been requested by Inspector Struggles for the Frecheville area to take place in the next couple of weeks – this can only take place if the service is available.
• Councillors to meet with Jayne Mason to discuss and support her.

We all need to work together this includes local Councillors, police, schools, Sheffield Futures, residents and parents. If you see a crime report it – the police need local intelligence – please use the methods outlined above to report a crime and if you have photographic evidence please send this in also.

The local police officers are listed below. Please note – The team has lost Sgt Joe Hunt and cover the following ward areas:


Inspector David Struggles
Sgt 3563 Kay Fitzgerald
PC 1183 Sarah Morton
PC 2237 Scott Padley
PC 517 Robert Lockwood
PC 2483 Stephanie Dodd
PC 1637 Louise Lavin
PC 216 Matt Thompson

PCSO 8330 Roger Shalome – Frecheville/ Birley/ Hackenthorpe
PCSO 8234 Philip Clayton – Intake/ Basegreen/Charnock

We will provide further updates when information is received