Supporting Cotleigh Residential Care Home

Whilst people were taking part in clapping for carers early in the Covid19 crisis, someone took advantage and stole the garden furniture used by staff and residents at Cotleigh Residential Care Home in Hackenthorpe. When this came to the attention of Councillor Bryan Lodge he raised the issue with the Birley Ward Labour Party. Members were keen to support this by providing funds to replace the garden furniture and a letter of thanks has been received showing the positive impact this has had.

New Hope Food Bank Thank You

Birley Ward Labour Party made a donation to New Hope Food Bank. This food bank has been one of the organisations that has supported S12 residents throughout the Covid19 crisis. The letter of thanks below has been received. Councillor Bryan Lodge said “we are pleased to be able to support them in the work they do inlight of the Covid crisis where more people than ever have required their help”.

Thanks to Emma for bringing to the attention of the Birley Ward Councillors the need for a bin at the Hayfield Crescent entrance of Birley Primary school. Emma who is a Frecheville resident and regularly litter picks in the area contacted Councillors to see if there was a possibility of a bin, due to the amount of litter dropped in the area and especially on the route by the side of the school fence through to Hollinsend Cricket grounds. Whilst we can’t guarantee success on every request or suggestion, we are committed to supporting all our residents. Councillors looked into this and are now pleased to see it in place. Please help us keep our community clearer of litter.

Update on Norton Aerodrome Issues of Fly Tipping

Local residents have been reporting issues of fly tipping on the Norton Aerodrome site as the locks on the gates have been broken. The Birley Ward Councillor have contact officers and can report that over the coming weeks access will be denied by placing large boulders in front of the main gates. That way even if the locks are removed by the fly tippers they won’t get vehicles onto the site to fly tip.

Requests have been made for CCTV on the site, but due to the size of the area involved the citing and cost of installing CCTV would not be practicable. However, the council are instructing mobile security to monitor the site and do site inspections on a regular basis. The council will review the impact of this over the coming weeks.

The council are also looking to speed up the demolition process for the buildings on the site, and they are currently doing the service checks to make sure utility supplies are fully isolated before the buildings get removed.

Hopefully the above action will stop the issues residents have been reporting.

Councillor attends Birley Spa Bath House Heritage Day

Councillor Karen McGowan joined members of the public on a Heritage Day visit around Birley Spa Bath House. The visit started with Fiona outlining the history of the bath house. We then went inside the building which was amazing.

Finally we took a walk around the pond and through the woodland area. Councillor Karen McGowan said “I’ve lived in the area all my life and walked through the grounds but I’ve never been inside. It was fascinating to hear the history and I know how passionate the Friends of Birley Spa Bath House are. Thank you to Fiona and Victoria for today I really enjoyed it”.

Discovering the location of the Plaque

Florence Staniforth a pupil at Gleadless Primary school discovered a plaque in Jaunty Park whilst out walking. The plaque was marking the planting of a tree by The Lady Mayoress 1975-1976. Elsie and Albert Richardson were the Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress in 1976. Albert was a councillor and they lived on Basegreen. Birley Ward Councillors Karen McGowan and Bryan Lodge met with Florence, her mum and SCC Parks & Countryside Officer to show them the plaque. It has now been agreed that the plaque will be re-sited to a more suitable location within the park. Councillors are grateful to Florence and her family for finding this and bringing it to their attention.

Population Questionnaire to understand Impacts of Covid-19

Public Health have developed a population level questionnaire to support our understanding of the positive and negative impacts of Covid19 in Sheffield within our communities. The survey went live today and will run for 6 weeks.

Here is the link:

This questionnaire asks a range of questions (mainly multiple choice) about how the experience of Covid19 has been in terms of loneliness, mental health, employment, income, health behaviours, active travel, access to services, where people get their information from on covdi19, digital inclusion, home schooling, people’s experience of shielding or having Covid19, information about health conditions and managing these during the pandemic, future concerns people may have about the virus.

This questionnaire is really important as it will allow us to gain more information in the areas where we have gaps in data locally. We can then ensure we tailor our response and services to meet the needs described by communities.

This will be in addition to the rich insights gained from stakeholders, local groups and services.

It should take around 10-15 min to complete the questionnaire.

Further update on Elsie & Albert Richardson

Following on from the previous post on the plaque found in Jaunty Park.

Councillor Peter Price has been on Sheffield City Council for 48 years and knew Elsie & Albert Richardson. He said that Elsie Richardson was also a Councillor for the Birley Ward in 1967 and stood down in 1974 on its reorganisation. She may have been the Councillor before 1967 but he can’t find any records.

Albert Richardson lost the Moor seat in 1960 to the Tories. He won the Handsworth seat in in 1964 and then on the Local Government reorganisation he won the new Gleadless Ward in 1974 the year Elsie stood down. He was elected Lord Mayor in 1975

Albert was one of the Founding Members of the Sheffield Woodcraft Folk back in the early 1920’s. The following information is from which states “The Woodcraft Folk has always been “committed to issues of social justice, pacifism and the principles of cooperation” and described itself in 1930 as a “powerful educational instrument”. A slogan of Woodcraft Folk is Span the world with friendship, it also uses “Education for Social Change” in its publicity and also constitutional documents.
Woodcraft Folk is not based upon any particular religious belief or national identity. The core values are that irrespective of social background, status, age, gender, sexual orientation etc. all members have an equal say in the decision making process. The organisation welcomes all young people whether they have a religious background or none and much of its work emphasises the importance of international understanding and friendship. The principles of peace and co-operation are therefore central to everything they do and they endeavour to develop members to have an understanding of some of the issues behind global poverty and conflict in the belief in fashioning a new, better world.”

Albert was also very active in The Sheffield Ramblers Federation where the ‘Abbey Brook Trespass’ emerged, a few months after the Kinder Trespass. It never gets the same publicity as Kinder does but many thousands took part.

Pete thinks Elsie was also an active member of the Woodcraft both she and Albert loved telling them all the story that they had an Official Woodcraft Folk Wedding. He can’t seem to find any records of it but they did have photographs.

His final comments are that “They were both great socialists”. Further information will be posted when uncovered.

Plaque found in Jaunty Park

Thank you to the S12 Community Facebook Page where a resident posted the photo’s of a plaque she and her daughter had found whilst out walking in Jaunty Park. The plaque was marking the planting of a tree by The Lady Mayoress 1975-1976. The resident was asking if anyone had any further information.

Councillors have been able to identify that Elsie and Albert Richardson were the Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress in 1976. Albert was a councillor and they lived on Basegreen. At this time due to Covid19 we have only been able to uncover a copy of their installation photograph and a photograph of their Christmas Card for that year. Once we are able to return to the Town Hall we will investigate further and post more information as we discover it. Watch this website for further updates.

Reporting Fly tipping in Birley Ward

Litter and fly tipping have been and issue in this Newstead area for a while. Back in 2018 your local councillors circulated a leaflet to residents in the area with information on how to report issues. Thanks to a local resident regularly reporting through to Councillors fly tipping taking place around the power station on Newstead Road/Parkland Crescent we have ensured that the rubbish has been removed and that signage is place around the area.

We would like to encourage anyone seeing fly tipping please report it. Any evidence you can provide would also be considered such as a vehicle registration number. If you see any fly tipping you can call the Council on 0114 2734567 or email through to or just get in touch with one of your local councillors – Bryan Lodge, Karen McGowan or Denise Fox.

New Signage on Frecheville Pond

A concerned local resident contacted Councillors to request signage around Frecheville Pond for owners to keep their dogs on leads due to a swan being previously attacked by a dog. The following will be placed around the area by council officers.