Hackenthorpe Skate Park

imageIt was great to see the youths of all ages playing on the skate park today. There were up to 20 youths coming and going. It was great to see them admiring the skills of their peers and showing me what they had learnt and being courteous to each other.

They asked me if we could extend some of the equipment or add to it as it was used so much and it was the only skate park in the area. They said they were so pleased they did not have to travel so far any more and they could walk to this one.

One of the fears from the residents was that there would be more litter. I noticed the bin full and that the youths were cleaning up after themselves, when I commented on this one said “we clean up if there is any litter on the floor when we arrive. We want to keep it all nice and tidy.” I felt a great sense of pride hearing this as I realised they had taken ownership akready.

Councillor Karen Mcgowan said “I have never been so proud of anything, so many kids are using it and even my nephew has been down and they all say how great it is.”


A Spooky Coincidence at FFPP Fun Day…

Councillor Denise Fox and Councillor Karen McGowan with Winner Sherrie
Councillor Denise Fox and Councillor Karen McGowan with Winner Sherrie

As part of our contribution to Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond fun day, Birley Ward Labour Party ran our famed £50 prize draw. But when the winner was drawn, a spooky coincidence was discovered!

Sherrie won £50 on our draw. ‘Sherry Baby’ is a famous song by the Four Seasons: it was their first hit, and became number one in the hit parade on the 25th of August 1962.  50 years to the day later, Sherrie won £50 in our prize draw!

We hope she had as much fun spending it as we did working all this out…

Bryan Lodge, Karen McGowan and Denise Fox Greet Labour Deputy Leader

Bryan Lodge With Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman
Bryan Lodge With Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman

Bryan Lodge, Karen McGowan and Denise Fox met Harriet Harman today. She came to speak outside the City Hall and show her support to the Sheffield Labour Candidates.

The Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman took to those very same steps to launch a new Labour Party document called “Caught Yellow Handed”. It exposes the Lib Dems campaign in these local elections for what it is – hypocritical and the same old Lib Dems – saying one thing, doing another”. She said

“Lib Dem literature across the country is conspicuously lacking any trace of Nick Clegg on it. In Sheffield some of their leaflets don’t even have any Lib Dem logos on! Don’t let them get away with it send a clear message to the Lib Dems and help Labour win on 3 May”.

It was raining but the prople of Sheffield stood and listened to what she had to say. It was a moral boost to the candidates and she welcomed by the Council Leader Julie Dore.

Clive Betts MP also came and listened to Harriet.